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15 Things That Make Freshers’ Week at Loughborough Better Than Any Other

Freshers’ Week: a time for making memories and trying not to forget them because, well, booze. If you’re heading to Loughborough University this autumn, be assured you’re going to have the most incredible two weeks with your #PurpleArmy.

1. The line-up will quickly prove why Loughborough’s SU is officially the best in the country.



2. There’s even a sing-off. 🎤

And you’re right to be excited about it. Out of all the Freshers’ Week nights, this one is the defining night of your initial two weeks in Lufbra. Every hall will try to prove they’re the best with unique chants and themes in a bid to be crowned sing-off champions! Just be prepared to not be able to speak the next day.

#tb to sing off 2015. Guarenteed to be one of the craziest nights of freshers!

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3. And an unmissable foam party.

It’s guaranteed to be a messy night in more ways than one! Just make sure you wear shoes you don’t really care for…

Foam party last night #lsudance #loughborough #lsu #foamparty #crazy

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4. Everyone instantly becomes a proud member of #teamlboro.

5. And people go HARD with fancy dress.

They don’t regret it, either.

6. Freshers’ Week isn’t restricted just to the SU.

It includes great nights out both in Loughborough town and Nottingham – distinctively different to the SU but just as fun!



7. And whichever halls you’re in, you’re guaranteed an amazing time.

From themed nights to punch parties, your halls have got you covered.

Towers Tribe💕 #loughboroughfreshers #university

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8. No matter how worse-for-wear you get, you’ll always be looked after by Fresher Helpers.

Just look for these guys, you can’t really miss them.

#SoberSquad 🚱🚱🚱

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9. And, fear not; the union also organise some 👌 sober activities too.

For your much-needed, mid-week recovery.



10. There’s crazy golf.

11. And super chill pizza and film nights.


12. Plus, the infamous roller disco.

Literally the best thing.

13. The Union Bazaar is always worth taking a wander around.

If you’ve managed to swerve a hangover, you can see what the uni has to offer within the sports and societies bazaars – and trust that there are literally hundreds of things to join.

14. And don’t forget the posters fair.

Where else are you going to buy all the posters to decorate your new home?

15. But, of course, best of all is the Freshers’ Ball.

The fortnight comes to an end at the Freshers’ Ball, with live acts, fairground rides and a fireworks display. Get your squad together because it really is the best way to end your exhausting (but fun) two weeks on a high.

Fireworks!! #LSUFreshers15 #FreshersBall

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Enjoy! 💜💜💜

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