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17 Places Every Loughborough Student Needs To Eat and Drink In 2017

Loughborough – it’s a tiny little town with a surprising amount of great places to eat and drink. Here are 17 places you MUST go if you’re still in the bubble this year:

1. John Cooper’s Bar

John Cooper’s Bar helped us significantly with the mourning of JCs with its student-friendly priced menu and loads of stuff to choose from. Plus the bar stocks lots of fancy ciders, beer and everything else you’d need.

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 2. The Paget Arms

The classic port-of-call for all the Student Triangle dwellers. Plus it’s cosy, has regular open-mic nights and, best of all, allows dogs!

3. PETER Pizzeria

You simply aren’t a Loughborough student if you’ve never had a PETER’s pizza – and it’s probably the most well decorated restaurant in town. Oh, and they serve your receipt in a toy dinosaur, if that wasn’t enough to convince you to go.

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4. The Griffin

After its makeover, new menu and the central location, The Griffin is a great meeting point for some food and/or casual drinks.

Going to the fair this week ? Why not join us for some quick food between rides with our pick and mix Grazers 3 for £9.50

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5. Wild Lime

After the heartbreak of losing Brooklyn Bar Mondays, Wild Lime has kindly replaced it with amazing drinks deals and an excuse to go out on the first day of the week again/watch the footy with a pint during the day.

What a great turnout for the launch of @badmannersevents last night 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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6. Firefly

Hands-down the cheapest place for Jägerbombs in town.

7. Revs

Who can resist an XO Thursdays? Or the half price grub on Mondays? And the 2-4-1 cocktails? Not me.

8. Nando’s

FINALLY Lough students can get a Cheeky Nando’s. 🙌

9. Bella Italia

Italian food + swanky new décor = 👌

10. Pizza Express

There’s no pizza shortage in Loughborough, but we definitely aren’t complaining.

missing luga already

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11. The Phantom

If you want somewhere with great food deals that’s also ideal for Echo’s pres, this is the place.

12. Thai Grand

Nothing satisfies a Thai craving more than a classic Thai Grand dinner.

13. Dolcino

Think you’ve died and gone to heaven? You’re probably in Dolcino.

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14. Croma

What other place can you name that lets you take a pizza into the movies with you AND that has a mad student discount?!

15. The Kelso

Probably one of the classiest places to go for a drink in Loughborough with unique cocktails and a swanky rooftop bar.

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16. The Orange Tree

The Kelso’s next door neighbour is also a more up-market place to for food and drinks.

17. Brown’s Lane

And finally, Brown’s is a much fancier place you might want to strategically go to when your parents next visit.

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