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20 Things That Make You Proud to Be a Loughborough Student

Lufbra walks on water, so we f… you know the rest.

If you’re lucky to have been blessed with being a student at Loughborough Uni, then prepare to feel all the feels about having lived and studied in the bubble.

1. The colour purple.

You’ll never associate anything other than Lough with it ever again.Β πŸ’œ

2. The Loughborough couture.

Forever the pioneers of the shorts and flip flops look – come rain or shine (or snow) – and of course, the classic Echos shoes.


3. And being decked out in our unmistakable stash.

God, we look good.

#DDay, currently 5 all with three matches remaining! #teamlboro

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4. The real OG: Charlie the library cat.

This legend couldn’t go unmentioned.

Loving Charlie πŸ’•πŸ˜ #kitten#love#fluffy#

A post shared by Luffbra Romanian Society (@luffbra_romanian_society) on

5.Β And of course, the Man himself.

No one cares more about their students than VC Bob. We love you!

A warm welcome from LSU President and VC Bob! #LSUFreshers15 #teamlboro

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6. The fact that we’ve been pretty much unbeatable in BUCS every year.

We’ll let someone else win, it’s only fair.


7. Watching the Olympics and seeing Loughborough alumni on the TV.



8. Or winning Strictly…

Not dropping any names.

9. Or better yet, bumping into them on campus.

Literally walking among athletic gods/goddesses. NBD.

Back to work; speed ☠️πŸ’ͺ🏼 @jarviskarva

A post shared by Adam Peaty MBE (@adam_peaty) on

10. The campus is just too pretty.

You can’t help but feel all fuzzy when you see all the flowers and trees bloom in the spring (just me?).

11. And it’s the biggest HE site in Europe and greenest campus in the UK.

All year round, it’s just such a bloody beautiful place to be.

We've just had a beautiful rainbow over the Rigg-Rut Lawn 🌈 #loughboroughuni #loughborough #rainbow #autumn #sunshine

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12. You’re pretty chuffed that the Students’ Union has been consecutively voted best in the country.


13. And deep down, you’re pretty proud of those Exec songs.

I mean, they didn’t get on national radio for nothing.


14. You’ll forever cherish Stuesday’s 4 VKs for a fiver deal.

As you’ll forever mourn the loss of Fusion balcony (too soon?).

Get some fruityboiz in ya for a good time πŸŠπŸŽπŸ‹πŸ₯πŸ‘

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15. Not forgetting Papa Si who cares for all of us with his Β£5 pizza deals after Hey Ewe.

British, Italian, Turkish, CHinese #papasi thank you for a bank draining first year

A post shared by Finley Baldwin (@bleachbaldwin) on


16. Your hall.

Whether you’re from Bill Mo, Bakewell, Towers, Harry French or Telford, you’d risk your life to defend its name. Almost.

1st year done πŸ˜©πŸŽ‰ best memories with these fools πŸ’‹ #FalkEgg #Freshers #UntilSeptember πŸ”œ

A post shared by s α΄€ s ʜ α΄€ ☼ α΄› ᴇ α΄„ α΄‹ α΄„ ʜ α΄€ Ι΄ α΄… (@sashateckchand) on

HA'WAY THE LADS #RiggRut #IMS #Football #IMS #Loughborough

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17. And being spoiled for choice of things to do.

You’ve got to hand it to LSU, there’s always something happening and students are always put first.

Amazing Colour Dash yesterday at @lborouniversity! @loughborough_rag

A post shared by Loughborough SU (@loughboroughsu) on

18. The university’s top-notch facilities across campus.

IMS Cup Final #lboro

A post shared by Toby Haworth (@toby.haworth) on

It's really nice to be here againπŸ‹πŸ»πŸ‹πŸ»

A post shared by ι™ˆε‡ (@karl44cz) on

19. The fact that we just keep climbing higher in the league tables.


20. And finally, simply being able to say ‘I go to Loughborough’ makes you swell with pride.

Because who cares about anywhere else?Β πŸ’Β #LWOW


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