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22 Things You Miss About Loughborough University Now You’ve Graduated

Whether you’ve only just left or you’re a a fully-fledged graduate now, Lufbra will always have a place in your heart.



1. The fact that it’s such a successful university.

2. And that it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

It’s literally just winning awards left, right and centre.



3. Every single one of your #LboroFamily



4. And, of course, Charlie the library cat.

Hello fluffy, nice to meet u in the Library😹#loughboroughuniversity #cat #library

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5. Filthy nights in Echos.

Your white shoes and pure soul will never be the same again.



6. Loughborough Stash.

No one is decked out as well as Loughborough students.

#LSUwadoryu #BUCS #squad #throwback #loughboroughsport #loughboroughstashwankers #karategang

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7. Peter’s pizza 👌

8. VC Bob!

Vice Chancellor Dr. Robert Allison is such a friendly face to see across campus, and really cares about his students.



9. Knowing you always had support from LSU.

10. How scenic campus is.

11. And casually seeing record-breaking athletes just milling around.

12. Papa Si’s epic takeaway food.



13. DBE

Getting home at 6am after a great night at DBE will never be the same (and as acceptable) again.

#dbe #dbelboro #dbesecretlocation

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14. All of the fun, charitable events you might not be able to take part in anywhere else.

15. Being able to watch huge inter-university sports matches.

16. The intense hall rivalry.

All in the name of fun, of course. 👀

#SingOff2016 #loughboroughuniversity #lsu #freshers2016 #VIP #studentslife #studentsunion #lsufreshers2016

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17. XO Thursdays at Revs.

Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it. 💁

💜💜🍺 #loughborough #university #BUCS3 #netball #gals #lovethem #revs #xothursdays

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18. You’ll even miss the fountain.

#lboro #lufbra #Loughborough #Loughboroughuniversity #student #studentlife #campus

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19. And the buildings on campus.

20. All of the balls.

Ahem, not those kind of balls. No one throws a party quite like LSU.

21. Above all, you’ll just miss being there.

22. Thanks for having us, Loogabarooga 💜

Hit them with a hat throw #lborograd2016 #loughboroughuniversity #lborouni #graduation

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Life at Loughborough was great, but your life as a graduate can be just as good.

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