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15 Problems Students From Hull Encounter When They Move Away For University

You miss the Bee Lady more than your own family… 💔

1. No one knows where Hull even is.

People have probably only heard of Hull because of the football team that yo-yo in and out of the Premier League like it’s a game, or because they’ve seen our city on the weather map ever since we became the City of Culture last year.


2. And no one knows what FC or KR means to you.

Not many people in your new city will truly understand the strong rivalry in Hull when it comes to the Rugby League. You either support the right team, or you’re wrong. (Come on, FC!)


3. You miss Peter Levy so much.

Depending on where it is that you move to uni, you will no longer see the wonderful Peter Levy every day on the 6pm news, looking fabulous and almighty orange. Let us take a moment of silence for all the students in this predicament.


4. You rarely ever pass any celebrities on the street.

Have you ever seen John Prescott down the road? Unlucky you.

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5. And you miss the Bee Lady more than your own parents.

Our biggest celeb in Hull has to be the bumblebee lady, Jean Bishop, who you just want to adopt as your nan whenever you see her in the street or even hear about her.

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6. Nights out just aren’t the same.

The vodka is standard, the music is sub-par, and going out is pretty expensive. It’s just not your good ol’ Welly, aka everyone’s favourite place to be on a night out. Having grown up drinking (and surviving on) Welly vodka, drinking alcohol elsewhere doesn’t have that same effect on you.


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7. Living away from Hull = no chip spice.

Ending your night out with a takeaway is just not the same because when you open your chips, they’re plain and missing the best creation in the world – chip spice.


8. Getting annoyed at servers when they don’t understand you.

“Hiya, can I order a patty?” “A… A what?” Servers in the local chippy always give you a weird look and respond with, “We’ve got fishcakes?”


9. And receiving more looks of confusion when you pronounce certain words differently.

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me to repeat myself or just looked at me when I pronounce the word ‘phone’ as ‘fern,’ I’d be able to pay off my student loan.


10.  Your mates take the mickey whenever you say, “Nooooooo!”

I’ve personally lost count of the number of times people have commented or imitated me when I’ve used this word. It gets annoying fast.


11. “It’s never dull in Hull.”

Unless you’re from the same city as I am, other people just won’t understand the sarcasm when you say the phrase, “It’s never dull in Hull.”


12. The ugly telephone boxes elsewhere.

They’re the wrong colour. Everyone from Hull knows they’re supposed to be creamy white – it’s what we love and are used to.

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13. You have to do a bit of planning ahead.

Make sure your mother knows when you’re coming home – you have to plan ahead so that you can remember to bring your dirty laundry home in time to go the Hull Fair because there is absolutely no way you are missing out on Brandy Snaps.

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Cabrini University

14. Trains are expensive af.

Hull is at the very end of the line. As it is, there are only a limited number of direct trains to Hull, otherwise you’re stuck with changing multiple times depending where you’re coming from. All of this malarkey causes train tickets to be even more expensive than usual.


15. Your new uni city just isn’t Hull.

As much as we all complain about Hull and spent our younger years saying we want nothing more than to get out of this city, nothing really beats Hull. It’s home. ❤️


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