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17 Reasons Why Going To University In The USA Is Better Than Studying In The UK

Whether you’re a permanent student in the U.S or just studying abroad for the year, you will know that uni life in the States is definitely a world apart from studying in the UK.

1. The campuses are on another level. 

There’s so much to look at and take in.

Just casually hanging out at Harvard Law School #harvard #law #lawyerswag #lawyergeek

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2. And you can choose to study somewhere with much better weather than the UK. 

Whereas walking around campus in the UK usually leaves you cold and wanting to get back indoors.

This #campus is pretty spectacular. #universityofcentralflorida #goknightsgo #ucf20 #ucf #ucfknights

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3. Having a meal plan is basically like having access to an all you can eat buffet every day. 

On-campus dining is 👌. You will never be hungry.

4. Whilst your friends in the UK are living on Tesco meal deals by the end of term. 



5. You can get extra credit to improve your grade so easily. 

Like bringing a tin of food for a bake sale. Seriously. Students need this in the UK.

6. And the grading system itself is more generous. 

Getting 100% actually isn’t unheard of. Hello honor roll!



7. Professors go out of their way to get to know their students and offer help.


8. Colleges in America have way more school spirit. 

Everyone has branded everything, and there’s always a celebration taking place.

I can't believe this was taken exactly a year ago! 🎓🐻 Congrats to everyone who graduated this weekend! ❤️❤️

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9. Especially when it comes to sports. 

Things just don’t happen on the same scale in the UK.

Tennessee 23 – South Carolina 21

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10. Everyone participates a lot more in class. 

Which is definitely shocking for students studying abroad in America, in the UK it’s like pulling teeth for professors to get someone to answer one question.



11. And Americans are really friendly. 

So are UK students, but US students are REALLY friendly – so much so it would be questionable in GB.


12. So sharing a room means making an instant BFF. 

Having your own room is rare in the US, but once you get over your lack of personal space you and your roommate may actually end up becoming like family.


13. There are more opportunities to go away on field trips. 

They’re encouraged, and mean study abroad students get to explore their new home more.

WV State Tree Nursery! #forestrymajor #collegefieldtrip

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14. And even when you are in class, the lecture rooms are great. 

It’s like being in a film about American high school, there are no huge lecture theatres.


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15. Societies will never compare to fraternities and sororities. 

Greek life is definitely an experience.


16. And you’ll go to some massive house parties.

Red cups everywhere.


17. You’ll never want to come back to the UK.

College > university.

Moving out from college what a year had so much fun #lovecollege

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