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18 Places Leeds Uni Students Couldn’t Live Without

 Where would we be without these places?



1. The Refectory

A catering outlet by day, by night it is where music history is made.

2. The Parkinson Building

The perfect place for exhibitions of all varieties.

3. The Library pub

Which must never be confused with the places of academic research.

4. The Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building

Every service you need as a student can be found here.

5. Cafes and food joints

Every taste-bud is catered for by eateries near to campus.

6. The Eldon

If they went to the University of Leeds, your parents may also remember it.

7. Edward Boyle and Brotherton Libraries

Must-visit places to find research materials at the University of Leeds.

8. The Hidden Café

So much more to it than coffee and cake.

9. The German Christmas Market

Christmas is not the same in Leeds without it.

10. The Terrace Bar

A must-visit for food during the university week.

11. The Skyrack and Headingley Taps

Two of the landmarks on the Otley Run pub-crawl.

12. The parks

There are plenty of these near to campus, to enjoy the summer sun in.

13. Essentials

A daily life-saver for all students.

14. The union

Host to University Challenge in 2015.

15. Woodhouse Lane

The main route to town from campus

16. Saver Copier Centre

Just wait till your dissertation is due.

17. The Global Café

The place to be to socialise with people from across the world.

18. And The Great Hall

Where graduate life starts.



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