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10 Things Solent’s SU Did Last Year That You Probably Didn’t Know About

The SU exists to help students out, basically. From welfare issues such as bullying to setting up Fresher’s Week, the SU try to make your time at Solent as easy as possible. Here are just a few of the things that they did last year that you probably had no idea about.

1. Completely rebranded.

Gone is the logo that reminisced a bird shit. It has now been replaced with pretty colours and the SU is now full of easy to read signs to ensure that you can actually find what you want.

logo copy


2. Created a non-competitive sports programme. 

Having collaborated with Sport Solent, the new ‘Don’t be shy give sports a try’ programme has already engaged over 200 students in diverse and wide ranging sports, such as bubble football, that don’t focus on competition.



3. Improved the Employability and Enterprise Department.

If you’ve been in the library, you will notice that there is a whole section dedicated to Employability. You can seek advice on CVs or strengthening your interview skills. These are free sessions that you should take full advantage of during your time at uni.



4. Created close connections with Common People.

The SU offered many opportunities to win free tickets and the union were an established ticket seller so the festival was highly accessible for all the students.



5. Keeping the library open 24/7.

For the majority of the year, the library is open 24/5 but after a huge demand to extend it to 24/7 for the most important times of the year, it was finally achieved. Now we can pull all-nighters without being kicked out.



6. Tackling Lad Culture on Campus.

The SU has taking this issue very seriously and has ensured that this topic has been covered throughout campus as it’s a big issue that all universities face. For example, there have been blog posts, marches and self-defence classes amongst many other campaigns to help battle sexual harassment.



7. Created Mental Health Awareness Week.

This is massive for those who suffer with mental health. It was a huge success, with each day holding a variety of health workshops, debates and bar events.



8. Hosting workshops on Housing issues.

There are now workshops being held to help students with the many complex issues that come up when you’re looking for your first shared house. From getting your deposit back, to who to live with, these workshops could possible save you hundreds of pounds.



9. Offering Halal Meat in the Uni. 

The Dock now offers Halal Meat on some of their menus. This is important for the Islamic community at Solent as it ensures they aren’t isolated in their food options.



10. Helped create the Student Hub.

This year, what used to be known as Student’s 1st, has now been created into this amazing hub of all of the information that you could ever want, all in one room.



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