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12 Things To Do During Solent Freshers Fortnight That Don’t Involve Drinking

Not really that keen on getting drunk this freshers? That’s okay, the SU are hosting enough events for you to enjoy without the possibility of a sore head the next day.

1. Get a free tea or coffee with daily ‘Welcome to the SU’ sessions around campus

Because who doesn’t like free stuff?!



2. Watch the Rugby world cup in the SU bar

All of the major games will be shown on the large projector screen, enjoy with a side of tasty, cheap SU food.



3. Eat burgers and jam with other musicians

There is a ‘Burger & Jam’ session from 6pm on Monday 21st in the SU bar, with discounts on Mega burgers and essentially, an open mic night.



4. Go to Freshers’ Fayre

Sports, societies, businesses and local organisations will be handing out more free shit on Thursday 24th from 10am.



5. Go and have a great time at Soundclash

The Southampton festival is on Saturday 26th from 2pm, the full lineup and tickets can be found here.



6. Help feed and care for really cute animals

On Sunday 27th the Down To Earth Farm is the place to be from 10am if you want to help volunteer and look after our furry friends.



7. Find your own ‘buddy’ for the year

Solent’s ‘Buddy Scheme’ meet and greet is on Monday 28th from 4pm, which will give you a chance to chat to your buddy and find out about the scheme



8. Forget BNO, have a Big Night In

This is the biggest event of the fortnight, held in the CSI in the SU building on Tuesday 29th, there will be games consoles, fresh popcorn, board games and a Mario Kart tournament. Check out the event here.



9. Get involved with RAG

If you’re interested in helping fundraise with the Raise And Give scheme, then there is a big social session on Wednesday 30th from 3pm.



10. Go to BIG MEDIA if you’re interested in all things student media

If you want to get involve with Solent’s Sonar Media, on Thursday 1st October there is a meeting from 3pm, which includes TV, Film, Radio and Magazines.



11. Help clean Weston Shore Beach

On Sunday 4th you will be able to sample another popular volunteering activity, the timing for this event is still to be confirmed.



12. Go for lunch with the Mature Students Society 

If you’re over 21 then there are two lunch events for you to go to from 12-2 on 30th September and 8th October and best of all, there is a free buffet.

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All of these events are hosted at the SU unless otherwise stated, more information can be found here.

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