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15 Things You Should Know Now You’re Going to Solent

So you’re going to be a Solent fresher? You may have researched the university but here are some things that you need to know before you move down to Southampton. You’re welcome.

1. Southampton doesn’t have a beach

You may have thought that moving to the South Coast meant that you would be spending your days soaking up the sun surrounded by sand and sea. What you’ll actually be greeted with is a patch of sand the size of your uni halls and many, many docks.



 2. The Uni of/Solent rivalry is real

Anyone you meet on a night out that reveals they go to Southampton Uni will automatically lose any friendship status and you will become enemies.



3. LFW are the party halls

If you were hoping for some sleep during your first year, keep hoping! But LFW does throw the most epic parties.


via: Student Source

4. The SM building is further away than you think

It may look like a two minute walk from the main campus, but when you have just five minutes to make it, you might as well be trying to get to Pluto.



5. There is an ice cream parlour that is open until midnight

Sprinkles will become your best friend when all you want is a waffle covered in chocolate.



6. Thursdays nights are Pound A Pint nights

From 8pm at Yates you can sip on a Carlsberg for just £1 and then dance the night away with an in-house DJ.



 7. You are no longer allowed to speak to anyone from Portsmouth

The Southampton/Portsmouth rivalry goes back further than anyone really knows, but Pompy is now the enemy ground, enter at your own risk.



8. Our Gay Club is the best

If you’re after an LGBTQ+ friendly place then head to The Edge, it’s one the best nights you’ll have.

The Edge


9. We have our very own T.A.R.D.I.S society

Because who doesn’t love Doctor Who?

Doctor Who


10. Save your loan for the Student Sessions

Most of the shops in West Quay offer 20% student discount for one night only so save your money until October.



11. Ikea will become your best friend

When you realise that you didn’t buy anything you actually needed to live, those 80p plates will be a life saver.



12. ASDA isn’t close to any halls

You may have to order your shopping or do it day by day because there is no way you’ll be able to carry a weeks worth of shopping the half an hour journey it will take.



13. You can do freelance work through the Uni

Solent is the only university with it’s own creative agency that you can sign up with. You can work for real clients and actually get paid for it.

fist pump


14. There is a vintage fair every month

For all you vintage lovers out there, there is one held once a month at the Guild Hall, it’s filled with clothes and furniture alike.



15. You are going to have the best three years of your life

But you knew that anyway.



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