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20 Instagrams That Prove Southampton Solent Is The Best Place To Be a Student

With hipster cafes, sea views and historical castles, Solent is definitely the best place to be studying and these Instagrams just prove that.

1. Southampton has some breathtaking sunsets. 


A photo posted by Tom Baldock (@tombaldock172) on

2. And views of the sea.

3. Our lecture theatres are taken to a whole new level.


4. And the park opposite campus looks good in any season.

5. Even on the gloomiest of days.

6. Your graduation selfies will have a stunning backdrop.

Come rain or shine.

Tahniah anakku @aimnsym #proudmother #solentuniversity #convo #azizian #villagepeople

A photo posted by hazlina_rose 🌹 (@hazlina_mahayudin) on

7. We put on a pretty fierce fashion show. 

8. Who needs Covent Garden with street performers like ours.

A photo posted by dhairya joshi (@adorable_claw) on

9. You can always go to The Common when you need a break from the city.

10. The architecture of the Old Walls are stunning. 

Heraldry #lion #statue #iron #castle #southampton #rust #southamptonwall

A photo posted by Jack Oughton (@thekoukouvaya) on

11. Like, really amazing. 

12. And they even light up at night.

#southampton #walls #colour #pretty #lights

A photo posted by @hetsy15 on

13. Even the museums are a work of art. 

14. All of the parks look great in the daytime.

Photo of people, it's not creepy. Got no shame 👍🏼

A photo posted by stuart (@istewie95) on

15. And they’re even better at night.


A photo posted by @cherednika on

16. You can always live the hipster dream and eat in The Artisan. 

A photo posted by Miri Lacey (@miriruth) on

17. You’re never very far from some words of wisdom.

Excellent quote about investing in knowledge from Benjamin Franklin. #MondayMotivation

A photo posted by Southampton Solent University (@solentuniofficial) on

18. Or from some much needed comic relief. 

Someone got locked in last night 😂

A photo posted by David Thomas Sands (@dav_thomas) on

19. And the main building looks awesome at night. 

Uni by night 🌑

A photo posted by Carolina (@carol_out) on

20. Yes, Solent, you’re the best.


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