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7 Solent Societies You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Join This Year

You probably already knew about football, cheerleading or maybe something creative, but there are so many diverse societies that you can join at Solent. Here are just some of a few that you can join at this years Fresher’s Fayre.

1. Real Ale Soceity



If you are a fan of all things ale then you belong in this society as they pride themselves on being the society for the ‘appreciation, learning, making, finding and indeed consumption of Real Ale!’

Membership Fee: £1

Socials: Wherever the ale is.

Why you should join: To drink with the finest people and consume the (hopefully) finest ale that Southampton has to offer.

2. Pole Fitness Society



Pole Fitness hasn’t quite made it to the Sport Society category but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as physical. There are three classes each week for all abilities and weekly socials for everyone to hang out.

Membership Fee: £15

Lesson Fee: £7 Per Lesson

Socials: Yates

Why you should join: To build up your strength and meet brilliant people.

3. Metal and Rock Society



Alternatively known as M.A.R.S, this is a society that is passionate about creating the ‘biggest and best alternative scene in Southampton!’ The society organise events hosting the best metal and rock bands in the area.

Membership Fee: £1

Socials: SU

Why you should join: To help organise alternative events and gigs.

4. LGBT+ Society



If you feel passionate about LGBT+ causes and rights or are looking for a support network of like-minded people, this society provides that. It’s ultimate aim is to ‘provide a safe and entertaining place for people to enjoy themselves no matter what sexuality or gender.’ Not only does this society offer a place of entertainment and support but it is very active in promoting awareness and ‘challenging homophobia, transphobia and promoting equal opportunities.’

Membership Fee: Free

Socials: Various locations

Why you should join: To gain support and help fight against important issues.

5. T.A.R.D.I.S Society



A society for Doctor Who enthusiasts, basically.

Membership Fee: £2

Socials: SU

Why you should join: To talk all things Doctor Who and become apart of a tight knit group.

6. Live Action Role Play Society



For short, LARP, this society offers you the opportunity to go beyond just speaking in character by becoming any character you desire and ‘taking arms against one another.’

Membership Fee: £5

Socials: Weapon and costume building, bowling, pub, watching films.

Why you should join: To give you an opportunity to make friends and explore another persona.

7. Mature and Postgraduate Society



A society exclusively for over 21’s. They offer a place for all ‘mature’ students to make like-minded friends and enjoy a nice trip to the pub aswell as other fun trips like paintballing.

Membership Fee: £2

Socials: Spitfire plus various other locations.

Why you should join: If you’re over 21 and just want to have a chat and a few drinks.

Fresher’s Fayre is on Thursday 24th September from 10am. For more information on societies and joining click here.

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