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Emily Davies Students Were Evacuated From Halls Due To An Electrical Fire

Emily Davies students were awakened this morning by a fire alarm. A boiler in Block D set fire around 1am, forcing students out of their bed for around an hour and a half.

Flat 58 was filled with smoke as five fire engines and two police cars turned up on site to tackle the electrical fire caused by the flat’s boiler.

Students were left to watch and document the event, with Block C also being taped off, refusing students entry.


via: Sho Dobak

After over an hour of work from the fire department, the students who occupied Block D were informed that the block was safe to return to at around 2:30am.

The residents of flat 58 have been allowed back to their rooms to collect any belongings and will be rehoused into another halls for the night and will not be allowed to return until the issue has been resolved


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via: Amy McDonnell

There were no injuries.

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