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This Is The Route You Should Be Taking For Solent’s Big Night Out

BNO is one the best events of Freshers Fortnight, even the third years go. Your challenge: go to all thirteen clubs/pubs and not throw up and here is probably the best route to follow if you want to go everywhere.

We suggest you start of at Royal Oak for a pint if you’re in halls and then move on to these.

1. The Alex

This is probably the best place to start as it’s not actually on London Road, it’s just round the corner on Bellevue Avenue.

Drinks: Star Wars and Game of Throne themed cocktails! (As well as all of the regulars)


Source: Gregor Hannah

2. Varsity

Distance from previous pub: 1 minute

Now you’ve got a pint (or two) in you, move over to Varsity which is just a stone’s throw away, filled with good music and cheap drinks.

Drinks: ‘Pound Party Drinks’, so basically cheap af.


Source: Gregor Hannah

3. Kelly’s Bar

Distance from previous pub: 1 minute

The next bar on London Road is Kelly’s, this is where you will start to party.

Drinks: From £1 after 9pm.


Source: Gregor Hannah

4. Buddha 

Distance from previous bar: 2 minutes

You will have to cut up the side to get here but this is where the night will start to get busy.

Drinks: £2 singles, £3 doubles


Source: Gregor Hannah

5. Tokyo

Distance from previous club: 1 minute (if that)

This is the part of the night you’ll start to turn from slightly tipsy to definitely tipsy.

Drinks: £2 singles, £3 doubles, Bedford Place likes to stay consistent.


Source: Gregor Hannah

6. Orange Rooms

Distance from previous club: However long it takes you to stumble there

Now it’s time for ORANGEEEEEE. This is next door to Buddha, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Drinks: £2 Singles, £3 doubles and a £2 Orange’s own Bucky Bomb


Source: Gregor Hannah

7. The Social

Distance from previous club: 1 minute

This the new bar right next door to Popworld, the spacious dance floor will be perfect for all of your drunken slut drops.

Drinks: £2 single, £3 double (plus guaranteed VIP into Popworld)


Source: Gregor Hannah

8. Popworld

Distance from previous bar: 30 seconds

You are now in Popworld, things are about to get cheesy and you will finally be able to release your inner pop music fan girl/boy.

Drinks: Same story, £2 singles, £3 doubles!


Source: Gregor Hannah

9. 90 Degrees

Distance from previous club: Another 30 seconds 

Now it’s time to be a little bit classier and get another shot (or two) in.

Drinks: Same again but also with a nice £2 J Bomb.


Source: Gregor Hannah

10. Rumba

Distance from previous club: Probably 20 seconds

This is probably where you need to slow down, so have a cocktail to preserve your dignity.

Drinks: £4.95 cocktails and legendary moonshine shots.



11. Revolution

Distance from previous bar: 10 seconds

This is where many people will end their night, some may not even end up here, but if you are, you need to try a flavoured vodka shot!

Drinks: Same as all the others but your vodka may just taste like melted ice cream.



12. Oceana or Switch

The choice is yours.

Will you get all thirteen?

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