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This Is What’s Going On At Solent’s 2016 Refresher Week

This year’s refreshers is the perfect time to celebrate the end of exams (or just an excuse to party). So it’s time to blow our student loan on a week of drinking every night. Again.

This year’s Refreshers will run from Monday 25th January until Sunday 31st January.

The master ticket only costs £20, which gets you free access to all the events all week – it also includes your BNO top.



Tuesday 26th Jan: Bedford Place Bloc Party.

Cheap drinks, loads of clubs, you can’t go wrong really.

Wednesday 27th Jan: Oceana Student Therapy.

Because Oceana.

Thursday 28th Jan: BNO.

If you didn’t complete it last time, you might do it this year, but probably not.

Friday 29th Jan: Juiced at Switch with Jamie Laing.

Not everyone is a fan of Made in Chelsea, but everyone is a fan of £1.50 drinks, right?

Saturday 30th Jan: Philip George at Switch.

Something that really shouldn’t be missed.

Sunday 31st Jan: Refreshers’ Rave.

Much to everyone’s disappointment, there wasn’t a Freshers’ rave this year, so it’s finally time to get out your UV paints.

You can buy tickets here.

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