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18 Graduate Job Hunt Struggles, As Told By Breaking Bad

It was a very, very sad day when Breaking Bad ended. You thought you would never feel sadness like it again. Then the graduate job hunt started.

Who knew your struggles could be so well represented by Albuquerque’s famous meth-makers?

1. Finding out the job you wanted is actually an unpaid internship.

2. Filling in an online application for 2 hours. Gateway timeout.

3. Not knowing how creative you can be with the truth.

Can using Photoshop once count as a ‘full working knowledge’?

4. Getting excited when you get an email response. Then dying a bit inside when you see it’s automated.

5. Only being offered jobs that involve working for less money than you had in your bank the week before Student Loans went in.

6. Trying to avoid your parents because instead of looking for jobs you spent the day watching Netflix.

7. Accepting that your standards will probably have to drop. Significantly.

8. The realisation that you need experience before you can get experience.

Because that makes sense…

9. Not quite understanding how you’re supposed to be a ‘recent graduate’ and have 3-5 years’ experience.

10. Trying to understand what you’re even applying for.

11. Pressing send on a job email and realising you haven’t altered the company name from the last one.

12. The crushing realisation that job hunting is actually soul destroying.

13. Receiving a million completely irrelevant emails.  

Apparently ‘Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprentice’ falls under Marketing, Advertising and PR.

14. Not knowing how long the ‘no-news-is-good-news’ rule applies for.

15. If you’re lucky enough to receive confirmation of your rejection, they will simultaneously kill your dreams and sign off with a cheery good luck message.

16. Feeling desperate when all your friends start getting grad jobs.

You still have nada. Right about now, you’d do almost anything for a job. Almost.

16 a fod4 com

17. Withdrawing all the money you have in your bank account in order to pay for formal clothes.



18. And when you finally get to an interview, you struggle to convince them you’re a credible human being.



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