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10 Things All Londoners Will Experience In Their University Cities

 Moving away from London to go to university is an eye-opening experience. You’ll encounter some common struggles along the way…

1. People will try to tell you it’s a big city and you’ll just stand there like…

2. Never before have you had to put up with so many bus-related dramas.

Why is there more than one bus company? Why are they not red? Why do they want me to pay with actual money?

3. Your friends think you’re making it rain when you don’t consider a £5 club entry fee to be that bad.

4. Driving into the city centre and being the only one who’s not at all fazed by the fact there are three whole lanes.

5. Having to periodically tell people you’re not bffs with any bands, the Made In Chelsea cast, or gang members.

6. If you go to a university within a 2 hour radius of London, you find that 85% of people you meet are also from in or around London.

7. 24hr shops are a myth.

Meaning you’ll have to calm the hell down when craving Ben and Jerry’s at 2am.

8. Finding it weird that for some people, going to Winter Wonderland or Thorpe Park is a once-in-a-lifetime day out.

9. Never finding it harder to contain yourself than when you’re stuck behind slow walkers.

The world outside London just moves a lot slower. It’s the worst.

10. And don’t even bother going anywhere near an escalator.

Where is the civilisation!?

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