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14 Similarities Between You & Kanye West

Without a shadow of a doubt, the uni struggle is very real.

You’re expected to consider making your 9am, plus witness the wreckage of last nights pre drinks without vomming, all whilst nursing the beginnings of a two day hangover.

So it’s always nice to know that there’s a fellow soul out there who also shares dem feels. Thanks, Kanye.

He understands the exasperating struggle when deciding which onesie and Disney film combo you’re going to sacrifice your education for today.

Before gathering the mental strength to actually crack on with your assignment, there’s the struggle of acknowledging your preliminary reading list…

Even after the hard graft of googling loosely related books to bulk up your bibliography and copying Wikipedia’s references, there’s still the whole presentation debacle to contend with…

Plus there’s always that one pal who finished their essay back when they were a foetus.

You can’t begin to remember what your face resembled prior to the massive eye bags and an endless roaming terrain of stress spots.

With the deadline fast approaching, only a rookie would waste precious time by getting dressed. Hence, you find yourself making the 4am Subway run in your pyjamas and a slanket.

Before you know it, the lack of sleep/fresh air/social interaction all catches up with you and you reach a delirious mental state somewhere between an addict and an ancient philosopher.

After vigorously contemplating every last one of life’s mysteries, you suddenly decide you’ve had enough of being the next Socrates and start whacking out anything that sounds remotely relevant in an attempt to bump up the word count.

FINALLY you’ve somehow ended up with something that vaguely resembles an essay…

You manage to submit it a solid 2 minutes before the deadline and immediately mentally command the rest of campus to bow down.

And then the next thing you know you may or may not be a tiny bit drunk.

After vigorously busting out the gun finger, a couple of slut drops as well as a solid effort on the nearest pole/lamppost, you suddenly realise the realest of all your struggles…

Before you know it you’re being fireman lifted home and force fed a kebab and 500 gallons of water.

And you can finally get back to the levels of student responsibility that you can handle.

And remember – you’re gonna touch the sky. 

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Want to write an article like this?

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