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7 Things That Will Happen To Economics Students Over Christmas

There’s nothing quite like heading home to family, friends and food to take the edge off a semester of endless problem sets and looming exams.

If only all the Christmas cheer could completely eliminate your degree feels..

1. Firstly comes the relief of knowing that for two whole weeks you won’t be judged for rushing in 5 minutes late by all the students who, unlike you, actually have their shit together.

2. But then you spend the whole time burdened with exam fear.

Because you checked your class’ assignment results on Blackboard and couldn’t figure out if you’d been heavily moderated down due to the insanely high proportion of people getting around 98% (see stage one) or whether you’re actually just pretty dumb.

3. You’ll lose count of the amount of times you hear “so are you going to be an accountant then?” by well-meaning distant relatives.

4. Not being able to help but cynically notice the seasonal strategies of pretty much every single retailer.

And not knowing whether it’s them or you pointing it all out that’s the bigger killer of Christmas spirit.

5. You can’t help but spend the whole time feeling quite jealous of that 12-year-old wonderkid on your course.

Because not only do they probably still believe in the magic of Santa and will be getting scalextric rather than ‘money to live off of’ as a gift but will also probably end up as your boss by the age of 16.

6. You wonder if you’re the only one on your course who’s currently procrastinating on Facebook and Twitter rather than interning at an investment bank.

7. And you try to justify going out for New Years despite resorting to a sketchy GCSE-level supply and demand graph for pretty much every past paper question you’ve attempted so far.



At least there’s going to be a surplus of (heavily reduced) turkey to get you through January exams… 

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