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9 Struggles You’ll Face When Your Friend Leaves For A Year Abroad

They’ve been the rum to your coke and the ladle to your spoon ever since Freshers’ Week, and they’ve been such a major part of all your best and worst uni moments that you can’t even begin to imagine how the next year’s going to be without them.

Goodbyes are always tough, and losing your friend to a year abroad is particularly sore. Here’s some things that come to mind during this emotional time:

1. Knowing that nights out just aren’t going to be the same as they’re not there to carry out the ultimate friend responsibility of holding your hair AND your burger when you’re throwing up on the walk home.

2. Genuinely considering taking your laptop on a night out so you can both still wingman via Skype.

3. Being convinced their new friends will be the deep, artsy, interesting types and that they’ll forget all about you/come back and realise what an uncultured peasant you truly are.

4. Knowing that you probably won’t be able to take your passport for ID on a night out again as there’s a 95% chance you’ll end up on an impromptu holiday to visit them.

Drunk decisions are the best decisions, no?

5. Feeling slightly envious that they’re getting a fresh start while you still have to bask in the memories of everything embarrassing you’ve managed to achieve in the past couple of years.

Especially when they’ve contributed to pretty much all of the aforementioned embarrassment.

6. Realising that you can’t even order pizza without consulting them – so how on earth can you be expected to manage all the big third year dissertation/graduation stuff?!

7. Having completely irrational anger towards the many oceans of the world for getting in the way of essential comfort/hungover/reassuring/just watching old children’s TV and feeling a bit cold spooning time.

Never get in the way of spooning time. Never.

8. The pangs of jealousy at the gloriously sunny adventures they’re going to have when you’re preparing to leave your 3pm lecture in the dark.

Though you can always reach new heights of excitement by smuggling a co op meal deal into the ‘no food’ section of the library. Adventures abroad may be wild, but you’re definitely wilder.

9. But mostly you’re just excited for them and all their new adventures and are looking forward to hearing about it.

No really. You definitely are.

At least the fact that they have one more uni year left after you means you can cling on to student life for a little bit longer and, who knows, maybe that student loan could stretch to one or two flights…

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