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9 Things That Will Make You Want To Visit Your Friends at University Immediately

Thousands of students all across the country are now facing the exciting/grim prospect of emerging from a fortnight of drunkenness and cracking on with that minor, side-chick of uni life – lectures. But who says you have to suffer the gazes of the ‘witnesses’ from the night before? It’s time to visit your home friends at their universities.

Here’s 9 of the best parts about it: 

1. After going to the same club on the same night every week – you can finally experience something different

2. New chicken shops

3. Fall over mid-slut drop? Oh well. Spill your entire drink down you? No biggie. Feeling to take your shoes off for the walk home? You go Glen Coco

None of these people are your ex/ex’s new girlfriend/awkward person from halls/someone who actually thinks you’re a decent, respectable human being – so it doesn’t matter if you embarrass yourself.

4. You’ll get fresh compliments on the outfit you’ve lived in for the entire summer

5. It’s an opportunity to branch out and experience some of Britain’s most beautiful and historic cities – maybe even one that you may never have the chance to visit otherwise

(Though you’ll probably only see it at night. From the pavement. In a puddle of your own shame.)



6. Speaking of culture, new town = new Nandos

7. There’ll be a whole new world of drinking games and rules opened up to you

You won’t know whether to feel enlightened or terrified.

8. The moment your panic-stricken friend realises you’re able to bring up all the embarrassing stories from back in the day

9. Actually being able to set your friend up during ‘never have I ever’ without fear of the repercussions thanks to the knowledge you’re probably never going to see any of these people ever again

Now just to do some damage control before they come to visit you…

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