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12 Signs You’re Not As Posh As Your Uni Friends

Heading back home for the summer, there’s no doubt that the past year at university has provided you with a wealth of new experiences.

However, it’s one thing learning that you can cook and clean, but a complete other thing learning that you’ve unwittingly spent the past two decades of your life knowing absolutely nothing about how the other half live.

These are just some moments where you’ll have a total culture shock:

1. Having your housemate explain to you that a slow cooker is not a ready meal that needs to be taken out and stirred half way through microwaving.

Bizarre, why would you want something to cook really slowly?

2. Frantically googling cheeses because apparently ‘cheese and wine nights’ are a thing and you only know of cheddar and that tasty one they do at Nandos.

3. Lighting a cigarette off a scented mood candle at pre-drinks and having to accept that you’ll never reach such heights of classy behaviour ever again.

4. The look on their faces when you ask if they want anything from Aldi.

5. Overhearing a heated discussion about the correct pronunciation of ‘quinoa’ and assuming it must be somewhere your housemates went on their gap year.

6. Hearing another gap yaah story about an impromptu excursion (probably through Quinoa) and realising the only excursion you’ve ever been on is to the Shell garage for a Twix.

7. Getting the impression that even the self-service checkouts in Waitrose think you’re an absolute pauper for only ever nipping in to get a free coffee.


8. Everyone assumes you also went to boarding school so you just smile and nod.

9. Being the only one in the room who can’t get their head around the fact that someone’s Dad owns a castle.

Just a casual castle, no big.

10. Having the unpopular opinion that ‘corked’ wine is merely a myth and that if the bottle happens to be five quid’s worth of branded goodness it’s still a ‘classy pre-drink’.

11. Your accent can sometimes cause uncomfortable silences.

12. Walking in on your housemate rustling up one of Jamie’s ‘quick potato dauphinoise’ 30 minute meals and realising that they’ve probably never experienced a turkey twizzler.

So yes, others may be slightly more clued up on the finer things in life with their venison and Mulberry handbags, but let’s be honest, instant mash and fond memories of shoving your school books into a JD bag are definitely on par.

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