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15 Reasons Why Glasgow Caledonian University Is Actually The Best Place To Be a Student

We aren’t the clumsy baby sibling of the University of Glasgow anymore – we’ve grown up and are proving ourselves as contenders in the student universe.

1. For starters, it’s in Glasgow.

As the name of our university suggests, we are situated in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest and best city. Glasgow is home to three universities and countless colleges, so there is a large student community with great nightlife.

2. And right in the heart of the city.

What is even better about the university being in Glasgow is that it’s slap bang in the middle of the city, meaning we are extremely close to all that cheap booze.

Having to double post on Instagram today because the sky leaving uni was like a marvellous painiiiting!!!!! 🤗

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3. We have a campus in London.

London calling! You get to live out your intern dreams in the big smoke at GCU London campus over summer.

A new chapter has just began… #uk #london #studentagain #gculondon

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4. And another one in New York!

That’s right; GCU has its own campus in the Big Apple. This means if you want to intern in New York over the summer, you’ve already got your digs sorted. Being a student at GCU lets you stay in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of and make those dreams a reality.

5. The architecture is pretty amazing.

No words needed…

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6. And the halls are right on campus.

The official halls of residence, Caledonian Court, is on campus – so you’ll never be late to a lecture again. Moreover, you’ll get to live in the city centre for cheap bucks. Win-win.

Six weeks left here and already missing it.

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7. There are sofas everywhere.

Wherever you go on campus, there will be comfy seats. No more sitting on uncomfortable seats – sprawl out on a cushy chair and chill out!

Part of my Honours Project. 3D visualisation of the #saltirecentre #gcu #library

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8. We are honestly never short of study spaces.

When you eventually do decide to take a break from skiving lectures and going out every night of the week, you will have to get your head down and do some work. The state-of-the-art Saltire Centre, our library, has 4 floors of dedicated study space. Not to mention the 24-hour computer lab and the countless other study areas throughout campus.

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9. And we’re close to the Style Mile.

GCU is situated right behind Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Galleries, part of the Glasgow ‘Style Mile’. You’re never far away from being able to put that student discount to use and make the corridors your runway.

Ah well, Glasgow! #glasgow #city #buchananstreet #stylemile #greysky

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10. We have 2 nightclubs.

We’re the only university in Scotland that doesn’t have a Students’ Union. But we make up for it by having official links with our well-loved clubs, Kokomo and Bamboo. Free entry most nights and drink deals exclusively for GCU students. Get in.

Kokomo weekends are the best 🎉

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11. And our very own Irish pub.

Malone’s is our official student bar. Cheap food, cheap drinks, and dedicated student nights – all exclusive to GCU students!

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12. The food on campus is always 👌.

The baked potatoes are soft and fluffy and the paninis have REAL CHEESE *Cries*

13. And you can burn it all off in The Arc Gym.

To counter all the delish food we eat, we’ve also got the Arc Gym so we can workout and burn off those calories. The membership is mega cheap for GCU students, and loads of different classes like rollerblading, yoga, and zumba are offered throughout the week. The only downside is that it’s possible you will encounter an awkward moment or two in the changing room when you see your lecturers.

14. Basically, GCU is a great place to be a student.


15. And you’ll never, ever regret studying there.



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