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20 Instagrams That Prove Spain Is The Best Place To Do a Year Abroad

If you’ve ever wondered where’s the best place to do a year abroad, here’s the answer to your question.

1. The views are great before you’ve even arrived.

#spain #spainfromthesky #timelapse #spainflight #andalucia #germanwings

A video posted by @herverisson on

2. And even better once you’ve touched down. 😍

3. It has some of the best wines in the world.

It’s cheap, strong and good quality, what more could anyone want?

4. And Churros. 👌

Need I say more?

5. Wherever you are, there’ll be a lively student population.

Soldan sağa 6. kafa #granada #spain #eurotrip

A photo posted by Lass Die Sonne Rien☀️ (@bobsalehh) on

6. And almost too many photo opportunities to keep up with.


A photo posted by KVCEM•• (@kacem.91) on

7. Especially when it comes to panoramas.

8. Dark, dull winters will be a thing of the past.

Spanish winter > British winter


A photo posted by Cheryl Kindl (@cheryldelarge) on

9. And cute, rural towns are just as good as big cities.

get me here now 📍

A photo posted by Hayley Lord (@hayleylord) on

10. Plus, it will never be so easy for you to explore beyond the Iberian Peninsula.

11. You’ll never get tired of all the stunning architecture.

Bishop's Palace Malaga. #malaga #nightography #yellow #autumn

A photo posted by Jan Martinus Stalmans (@janmartinus) on

12. Like, at all.

13. A lot of places are even prettier by night.

#madridgrafia #espana #España #travel #tourism #turismo #tipoftheday #picoftheday #picture #city #ciudad #madrid

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14. And you won’t find tapas so cheap or tasty anywhere else.

15. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without Bocadillos in your life.

16. And question how you’ll ever go back to drinking boring old takeaway coffee.

Hipster alert

A photo posted by Oriol Blanc (@oriolblanc) on

17. The nightlife is legendary.

Nights here are cool

A photo posted by Olivia Alaska (@tu_sassy) on

18. And will put every night back at home to shame.


A photo posted by Álvaro (@alvaro_wilson) on

19. You’ll basically fall head over heels in love with the place.

Barcelona | Spain 🇪🇸

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20. And you’ll never, ever want to leave.


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