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10 Awkward Things You’ll Have To Endure When You First Go To University

Probably the most daunting thing about leaving college to go to university is that you have to start making friends all over again. Luckily Freshers’ Week is deliberately engineered to get you loads of uni BFFs. That is after you awkwardly break the ice…

1. Constantly Introducing yourself.

Your go-to questions to get you through your first week will most likely be: “What do you study?” and “Where are you from?” Not that you’ll remember the answer to half the questions you ask anyway. Expect to encounter lots of awkward handshakes and hugs too.



2, Pre-drinking in halls.

It’s awkward enough beginning any pre-drinks sober but when you’re around unfamiliars you’ll likely find yourself turning that single into a double.



3. Struggling to cook with your roommates.

Living in halls there’s likely to be 5+ people all cooking dinner, inconveniently around the same time leading to overly polite exchanges to avoid getting in each other’s way. Soon you’ll be so close you plan your dinners together… or better, your takeaways.



4. Trying to organise a cleaning rota.

Another easy bonding exercise that is awkward to plan, and almost never works.



5. Going to a sesh alone.

For you freshers that’s a drinking session, typically with uni societies full of drinking games and incredibly poor choices, culminating in an awful hangover and no memory of the night before. It’s scary the first time but you’ll live for it every week.

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6. Spending all your time with people you’re too embarrassed to be around.

You got drunk and shared way too much information. Luckily they did the same. The awkwardness that has developed is an unbreakable bond you’ll now share forever.



7. Accepting every leaflet and goody bag at Freshers’ Fair because saying no is too hard.

You’ll soon master the “Don’t you dare stop me” look that will keep all those leafleters at bay. Why is it so hard to be politely decline!?



8. Signing up to every university club and society going.

At Freshers’ Fair you’ll be bombarded with so many enthusiastic 2nd and final years telling you how amazing all these societies are. The reality is that you won’t go to many – if any – but you definitely will sign up to every single one.



9. Playing a sport you never thought you would.

University is all about throwing yourself in the deep end and exploring outside of your comfort zone after all. Unfortunately it takes a while for you to adjust and you’ll probably be given an ridiculing nickname in those first few sessions.



10. And having to endure society initiations. 

Speaking of being ridiculed, that’s definitely what will happen during initiations. But at least you can rest easy knowing everyone has to go through it.



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