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13 First Year Habits You’re Still Trying To Shake Off

Now that you’re no longer a fresher and have been burdened with real responsibilities, those habits you picked up in first year are really getting in the way.

1. Going to bed unreasonably late

A fresher never sleeps, and you’re still struggling to adjust to a more mature sleeping pattern.

giphy (6)


2. Completely ignoring your alarm

“Just 5 more minutes” you say as you turn it off entirely. And then boom you’re 2 hours late.



3. Blowing all your student loan within days of getting it

You would’ve thought you’d learn by now to be a bit more savvy with your money, but… bargains, amirite?



4. Chatting in the library instead of working

Keep your head down and go straight to a lonely desk. Nope that wasn’t a group of your mates on your course, just keep walking.



5. Going out too much

More than one night out in the week just isn’t realistic if you want a good grade. Unless you’re super good at powering through hangovers and making it to group work meetings and 9am lectures- which you’re not.

GIF-Hungover (1)


6. Skipping lectures

Whose bright idea was it to set a 9am lecture anyway?



7. Being generally unorganised

Please stop with the workload lecturer, it’s destroying us. Sincerely, every student ever. More deadlines equals better organisation strategies. Better to stay on top before it becomes excruciatingly overwhelming.



8. Eating until late in the night



9. Binging on too much TV

Are you even interested in what’s on or are you just being lazy again?



10. Being painfully indecisive

Making decisions seems like too much responsibility when you flee the nest, but by now you’ve had enough time to know what you want… at least most of the time.



11. Procrastinating. All the time. 

Everything seems so interesting when you don’t want to do work. We’d recommend a tip but we’ve been putting it off. But seriously do some work.

12. Pulling all-nighters because you left your work till the last minute. Again.



13. Not concentrating in lectures

When you’re going back through your notes around exam period you’ll be happy you slapped enough sense into yourself to pay attention and take notes.



We’re in desperate need of a wake up call.

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