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14 Things All Aston University Students Will Understand

There’s more than one university in Birmingham.

1. R.I.P Stafford Tower

Oh Stafford Tower, you will be forever missed. Maybe not so much by people who live in Lakeside or New Build…


2. Everybody knows everybody

Aston is a very small university. Chances are your daily stroll into uni will result in bumping into a friendly face, or more awkwardly that person you regrettably got with one time in Gatecrasher.


3. Main build will forever be a maze

Think you’ll ever get used to working your way around main build? Think again. Inevitably you’ll pick up a few hints about “secret lifts” but most people are still baffled by which floor to get off on the sky lifts.


4. B4 Bar is still the ultimate place for pre-drinks


5. Confusion still exists as to what the name of this building is

The Guild or Aston Union? Who knows?


6. Student nights on broad street typically begin with Vodbull’s £1.50 Jagerbombs and Vodka mixers…


7. …and end too often in Pit Stop

pit stop

8. Uni rivalries are a thing

Astoners dislike any other university in Birmingham, especially Birmingham City. Nobody knows exactly why but an intense hatred is buried deep within every Aston student’s soul.


9. Pulling all nighters at the campus library

Its pretty convenient having a 24/7 library in the middle of campus. Its strangely lit interior sheltered inside its glass containment is captivating. However, don’t let its beautiful outer shell fool you, inside is every students worst nightmare.

library_membership (1) (1)

10. Reservation of the “bed that is a study space” in the library is always met with fierce competition

Winner stays on.

library chair

11. And conveniently next to it is a cheeky Tescos packed with a supply of treats and, uh, healthy alternatives of course

Be warned, its always brimming with students. How do the locals tolerate it?


12. Skinny dipping in the Aston Lake is still on your Bucket List

aston lake

13. Nick Holzherr is our biggest claim to fame

You’ll always be our winner, Nick.


14. And finally, our sports societies can get pretty rowdy

Hosted in none other than B4 bar.


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