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14 Things You’ve Probably Done That are Borderline Criminal

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things in your everyday life, some of which you probably don’t think twice about, but other’s find it so infuriating they lose sleep at night. Which type of person are you?

1. Putting Ketchup in the fridge.

There are two types of people in this world, the people who put the ketchup in the cupboard, and the people who want to watch the world burn. Ketchup is fine at room temperature, honestly. You don’t see Wetherspoons or Nando’s fretting about leaving their condiments out on the table.

2. Pouring the milk before pouring your cereal.

3. Adding squash after pouring the water.

This one is a bit more controversial since some people do both ways , but surely you’re supposed to dilute the squash, not the water.

4. Hanging the toilet roll under rather than over.

Basically, if you hang it the wrong way, we can’t be friends.

5. Using conditioner before using shampoo.

There really shouldn’t be any confusion. It actually says it on the bottle. Its ON the bottle guys!

6. Eating a Kitkat like this…

There’s a special place in hell for people like you.

7. Adding milk first to a teabag.

Come on! You can’t be serious. I really hope you’ve poured too much milk now because you’re just guessing. Also the teabag didn’t brew properly because it needs boiling water. That’s just science.

8. Putting bread in the fridge.

Putting bread in the freezer makes sense – its for preservation. But putting bread in the fridge? It gets stale faster AND moulds faster. That makes you an idiot.

9. Wearing socks with sandals.

Look at the picture below. Enough said.

10. Constantly talking throughout a movie.

Annoying Person: “wait so what’s going on now, who is that guy?”

You: “Maybe we’ll find out if we keep watching.”

11. Putting empty containers back in the fridge.

You know what’s a great way to piss off the other people you live with? Finish off the last drop of milk/juice and put it back in the fridge. Who are you helping?! Seriously WHO?

12. Chomping or slurping.

When you eat or drink does it have to be so audible? It’s gross and everyone nearby has just lost their appetite.

13. Wearing sunglasses inside.

The worst is wearing them in a club! Who do you think you are, P Diddy? or Diddy…or whatever he goes by now. (sighs) Some people…

14. And finally, walking too slowly in a public place.

It’s bad enough when you’re just casually out, but when you have a train to catch, seriously MOVE.

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