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15 Types of Flatmates You’ll Probably Live With At University

For most of us, going to uni is the first time we properly experience living with people who aren’t family. You feel great, so independent! So liberated! …Until you go to make breakfast and realise someone stole your milk.

There are many different types of flatmate you’ll have when you’re in uni, here are a few you’re guaranteed:

1. The Troll

This prankster clearly has too much time on their hands and thinks the classic cling film on the toilet seat and the popular ‘upside down room’ prank is of a greater priority than actually studying.


2. The formerly-innocent one.

This person had a sheltered upbringing and ends up completely letting loose once they have a taste of independence. It’s time to have your innocence tainted.

3. The one in a serious relationship.

Expect PDAs, awkward encounters in the kitchen, and, whatever you do, always, always knock first.

4. The Passive Aggressive one

When you’re not happy with people leaving the toilet seat up and leaving dirty dishes in the sink, the obvious solution is to avoid all direct confrontation and instead plant slightly threatening post-it notes all over the house.


5. The Ghost

You’re never sure of the whereabouts of this flatmate, but every now and again it’s necessary to knock on and check they’re still alive.

giphy (3)

6. The Mum

The mum of the flat/house is extremely appreciated as they usually take care of the cleaning, bills, recycling, and will probably be the first to step up and take care of you when you’ve drank a bit too much. Could be worse.


7. The Child.

Of course if there’s a mum, there has to be a child living there too. They’re usually quite naive about how the world works and it’s a wonder how they made it to university at all, really. You’ll find them joining in with the pranks and eating a bag of sweets for breakfast.


8. The Thief

You are guaranteed to live with a food stealer at one point in uni. Whether it’s a drop of milk or a whole pizza – they’re the reason you have trust issues.


9. The party animal

Sleeping all day and partying all night, this person never stops. You’ll often hear them complaining about their unforgiving hangover but insisting their night was worth it and that you totally missed out.

10. The one who never goes out.

For this person, the thought of going out to a club and getting drunk is the opposite of their idea of a good time. Studying and planning their career was actually their sole intention when applying for uni, and they refuse to deviate from this by participating in any group activities.


11. The Slob

Pretty self-explanatory – their room is filthy and they barely move all day. They will never wake up for their alarms and sleep through pretty much every lecture, because bed is always preferable. Simple as that.

giphy (2)

12. The Clueless one

You’ll often get questions from this guy like “how do you cook pasta?” and “how do I use the washing machine?” – And don’t even be surprised with questions about money or wondering what an overdraft is.

13. The Vampire

There’s two things to remember with this flatmate. Firstly, they can only  function after 3pm. Secondly, don’t expect them to do anything productive before this point – any earlier then midday is basically the middle of the night.


14. The Popular one

Doing the weekly food shop with this person is almost like a glimpse of what it’s like to be famous. Bizarrely, they manage to know practically everyone on campus and are friends with everybody. They’re almost never in their room and they’re usually busy going out with one of their many societies.


15. The one who’s constantly on the pull.

This flatmate sees every night out as an opportunity to pull, and is the most likely to be seen doing the walk of shame the morning after a night out, dressed as a smurf.

Look familiar?

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