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17 Times You Realised You’d Become An Adult

1. That time you accepted an offer of tea or coffee.

Seriously though, does anyone like tea or do we just think it’s the adult thing to do and suddenly it becomes a habit?



2. That time you entered the world of work and were still confused about what to do as a career.

3. When you started learning what bills are and realised just how expensive life is.

“TV licence, income tax…sorry council what now?”

4. The countless times you still hear “welcome to the real world”.

…And to this day fight the urge to K.O. them with a steel chair.

5. When you had to budget monthly without a student loan to bail you out.

 6. That time you realised you need to go to bed at an acceptable time.

Because you need to be up early the next day, EVERYDAY.

7. That time you attempted to relate to 30-somethings with kids and a mortgage with your own experiences.

“Oh you were up all night trying to put your baby to bed?…yeah I’ve had a fair few all nighters too”…*desperately attempts to change topic*.

 8. That time you actually took the time to follow a recipe.

Any average Joe can cook a standard spag bol, its time you started learning exactly how to cook a roast dinner.

9. Only going out at the weekends.

Because basically, you’re a fossil on a weekday but as Fresher as ever at the weekend.

10. The countless times you look down on anyone 18 or younger with utter disapproval.

And a hint of jealousy.

11. The time you overheard a child protest to their mum about how they can do what they want and quickly realised you had became your parents.

12.  The time you made your own doctors appointment.

13. The time you realised you never have time for anything.

14. That time you checked Facebook and everyone from school was having babies.

15. That time you asked for your birthday presents and gifts to be useful appliances.

You shouldn’t get excited about them, but you still do.

16. That time when you attempted to eat healthily and exercise.

17. Never has adulthood been summed-up so well:

We’re all just big kids.

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