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20 Naive Questions Every Fresher Asked When Starting University

When beginning university and entering the unknown, it’s natural to be curious. The uncertainty you face as a fresher leaves you with a lot of naive, unanswered questions…

1. “How many books should I buy? Every one on the reading list?”

Of course not because you will almost definitely not read the majority of them. Not to mention you’ll have spent three quarters of your student loan before your first lecture.

2. “Should I bring a TV to my halls?”

If you want your room to be a common room then yes is the correct answer.

3. “Is everyone getting a TV Licence?”

If you’re not using a TV because you’re too busy drinking each night then you’ll be fine, otherwise yes get one.

4. “And should I bring my playstation or Xbox?”

Definitely! How else will you bond with strangers and kill time in the day.

5. “Do we need an Iron?”

Only if you don’t mind creased clothes.

6. “If there are cleaners in halls, does that mean I don’t have to buy any cleaning stuff?”

Sadly not. You still have to clean up your own space – and the cleaners won’t go near dishes. It’s a hard life…

7. “Have people brought fancy dress costumes with them?”

Almost certainly not.

8. “What’s the best alcohol to get?”

The cheapest one.

9. “How do you cure a hangover?”

There is no cure.

10. “Why is it bad to sleep with your roommates?”

Don’t find out.

11.Why are students poor when we get thousands of pounds in student loans?”

12. “Is food really this expensive?!”


13. “Will I ever be able to afford meat?”


14. “How many pots and pans should I bring?”

None. Your housemates will have that covered.

15. “Should I decorate my room?”

Only if prison vibe isn’t your thing.

16. “What are easy things to cook?”

Pizza & pasta. Every time.

17. “Can you just throw all your clothes in the washing machine?”

If you’re a rebellious individual who likes the thrill of your coloured clothes running together then why not.

18. “How much are people taking for this club tonight?”

Very little. Embrace cheap vodka.

19. “Can everyone just stick to a cleaning rota?”

In a perfect world.

20. “And can everyone stop eating my food?”

Good luck with that.

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