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21 Instagrams That Prove The University of Northampton Is The Best Place To Be a Student

If you weren’t already convinced that the University of Northampton is the best place to be a student, these Instagrams will definitely settle the score.

1. From the moment you step onto campus you feel welcomed.

Can't wait for all the students to be back! #UNandYou #uninorthants #freshers2016 #sunnyday #parkcampus

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2. Newton is, of course, the prettiest building ever.

3. But it’s the Holdenby entrance that you’ll remember forever.

4. There’s never a bad time of year to walk across the racecourse.

How you never see northampton in a day ❄️/☀️

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5. Although it looks at its best at sunrise.

The only plus side of doing an all-nighter in the library.

early morning perks 😍 #universityofnorthampton

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6. It’s impossible to take a bad picture of the Park Campus at sunset.

sunset#uk #northampton #sunset

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7.  But then who needs a sunset with the neon Maidwell lights?!

8. Avenue Campus just has a real homely feel.

Sunny England ☀

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9. So does the uni restaurant.

Sneak peek of the new restaurant on Park Campus #NorthamptonUni #food #restaurant #fancy #nom

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10. And the SU never fail to put on awesome events.

Yep, including a petting zoo.

Oh hey Mr Donkey… #RG from @oliviaphillips1 #Regram #UoN #UniNorthants #Pettingzoo #animallove

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11. And puppy therapy sessions.

We can’t cope with the cuteness!

12. The sport societies are INCREDIBLE.

13. And the rowing society also takes the most epic photos.

14. The fashion students even have a place on the Catwalk.

15. Outside of campus, the town centre has some pretty amazing buildings.

Northampton's quite nice…

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16. Not to mention possibly the most British thing you can get other than tea and crumpets…

17. The Derngate also hosts the best comedy, drama and musical performances.

18. And even the parks can look 👌 in the right weather.

19. Back to the uni though, UoN is pretty damn great.

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20. And the best part is, there are more exciting things to come.

Such as the new Waterside Campus.

21. Northampton, you’re the best. 👏

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