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21 Things Every Psychology Student Has Experienced

Psychology has grown to become an incredibly popular subject, but with this popularity comes many consequences for the students who study it.

Being a Psychology student has its ups and downs, and the points below are just the tip of the Iceberg (see what I did there?). Here are a few things every Psychology student can expect to encounter:

1. Being asked “Can you tell what I’m thinking right now?” 

Sorry, I forgot studying Psychology made me psychic.


2. You’re unable to hear a statistic on an advert without automatically questioning the sample size and methods used.

“9 Out of 10 women said their hair felt healthier after using this shampoo”

3. Friends are constantly asking you what their dreams mean.


4. Being looked down on by other students for having so much free time.

It’s necessary for research, okay?!


5. When meeting someone, you can’t help but automatically analyse the relationship between them and their parents based on their character.


6. You get agonisingly frustrated when someone says they have OCD because they like things tidy.

7. You’ve had the “Is psychology a real science?” debate with people on too many occasions.


8. Statistics and SPSS makes you hate life.


9. You can remember an inhuman number of research experiments and the dates they were conducted.


10. You constantly leave lectures in a state of panic, having diagnosed yourself with something.


11. You’ve successfully practised reverse psychology on someone and felt like a boss afterwards.


12. You’ve analysed doodles using psychoanalysis and been seriously amused/concerned by the results.

13. You’ve completed reading an entire complex research paper and only managed to understand a few words.

14. “So, are you going to be a therapist then?”

stop talking about your life

15. Seeing a result of over 0.05 frustrates you more than you’d like to admit.


16. You’ve irrationally wondered whether a mistake was actually made on purpose, on an unconscious level.


17. You’ve tried to tell whether someone’s lying by looking at their eyes.


18. …And you’ve tried to tell whether someone fancies you based on their body language.


19. You cringe when people insist that they’re due to win something after a long losing streak.

Gamblers fallacy…


 20. Being asked “Isn’t psychology just common sense?”

And replying with the most scientific answer you can think of to prove them wrong.


21. Feeling really immature because you laugh when the anal and oral phases of Freud’s Psychosexual development come up in a lecture.


All worth it.

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Want to write an article like this?

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