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15 Times You Regretted Studying Classics at University

Classics is a great degree to study, with the exception of these occasions.

1. When you couldn’t tell people you study Classics without being asked to speak in Latin or Ancient Greek.

2. When you learned that one word in Latin can have multiple different meanings.

Like “habeo“, which can mean 1 of 8 things, depending on the context.

3. When you could never find translations of your sources that actually made sense.

But it’s fine because you just loved scouring the library and the internet for endless hours.

4. When hour-long grammar lessons for Latin and Ancient Greek became a part of your life.

5. When you had to read Cicero out loud and thought you’d never be able to breathe again.

Just get to the verb already.

6. Whenever you tried to explain exactly what Classics is and realised you couldn’t.


7. When people always assumed it was an easy degree.

8. When it kind of ruined your enjoyment of Harry Potter.ā-not-leviosa



9. And pretty much any film or TV show based on Greek mythology.



10. When the lack of contact hours meant you procrastinated a lot.

11. And you realised how subjective it is. 

Depending on your tutor for a particular module, you could either get a 2:2 or a first for an essay.

12. Whenever people turned to you if a question about Greek or Latin came up on a quiz show.

Look, I don’t have all the information.

13. When you had to spend extra time looking for archaeological sources like coins and papyri for your essays.



14. When reading about war, after war, after war became really tedious.

15. And when people rudely assumed you’d just volunteer in a museum or library for the rest of your life.

Nope, arduus ad solem!

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