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15 Vegan and Vegetarian Places Every Manchester Student Needs To Try

Whether you follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet, or you just want to explore something delicious and new, every Manchester student needs to try these places.

1. The 8th Day.

Located in the university area, this cafe does tasty foods at an inexpensive price. Not only do they do a range of foods from stew to hot puddings, but they have a separate full English vegetarian and vegan breakfast. If you opt for something sweeter, recommendations would be the banana and almond cake (vegetarian and organic) or the chocolate and cherry slice (vegan).

2. GoFalafel.

Arguably the best falafel place around, GoFalafel give you a great meal for a very decent price. What’s more, all items on their menu are 100% vegan. You can buy a falafel wrap, salad or lunch bowl, along with a fresh juice or a smoothie.

3. Falafil Express.

Located on Oxford Road, Falafil Express is the other go-to falafel option for vegans in Manchester. You’d have to try both places and decide for yourself which one is the ultimate falafel champion…

Falafel HEAVEN 🍃☁️☀️

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4. Greenhouse Cafe.

You should take a break from lectures/studying/procrastinating one day and eat a hearty meal in the local university cafe in the George Kenyon building. They serve freshly-made veggie and vegan food, and is definitely a must-try!

5. Mod’s Vegan Cafe at the Thirsty Scholar.

You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at or tasting the food at Mod’s that everything is vegan-friendly, but it is. And it’s so good.

6. Sidney Street Cafe.

This cute little cafe does veggie food and has many vegan options too. Recommendations would have to be any of the curries or a serving of breakfast nachos. A special mention must go to Sidney Street Cafe as they are located in the Joyce Layland LGBT centre, which is inclusive and open to everyone.

7. Sanskruti.

Manchester wouldn’t be Manchester without all the Indian restaurants. We’re even luckier to have a restaurant that serves authentic Indian vegetarian and vegan food. Just thinking about the food at Sanskruti will get mouth watering once you’ve tried it. Must-tries are the pani puri and bhel – and you can buy everything at a very decent price.

8. Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen.

You can find delicious chinese food at Lotus on Wilmslow Road. Some of their most-loved items are mock sweet and sour chicken, ribs with Peking sauce, sizzling beef with satay sauce, Szechuan crispy Chinese mushroom, and Lotus special fried noodles. All their food is vegetarian, and a lot of the items are suitable for vegans too.

9. The Wonder Inn.

The Wonder Inn is a creative wellness centre that offers healing for the soul through forms of creativity. As well as participating in different activities, you can grab a vegan meal in a place with great vibes. Their vegan-friendly carrot and ginger cake may be the best ever.

Lovely vegan feast with my fave 💕💕

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10. Bistro 1847.

This vegetarian restaurant does innovative meals, such as their maple syrup roasted parsnips with apple and roasted buckwheat parsnip cream. Other recommendations would have to be the sage and lentil croquettes with celeriac puree, poached pear, and winter leaves, or the battered halloumi with curry lemon curd, pea puree, and hand-cut chips. For dessert, you have to try the chocolate, wattleseed, and brown butter almond cake with salted caramel and marshmallows.

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11. Bundobust.

Bundobust does authentic Indian street food such as okra fries, vada pav, paneer and mushroom tikka, and massala dosa. They also serve vegan wine.

"One of everything on the menu, please" celebrating a successful start to the year at work! All the veggies @Bundobust

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12. Earth Cafe.

For tasty, made-from-scratch vegetarian food run on the basis of Buddhist ethics, Earth Cafe in the edgy Northern Quarter is always a great choice. Serving canteen-style foods at a respectable price, you can get a plate piled high with 4 options. One of the more popular items is butternut squash koftas with spicy tomato sauce, rice, peas, and cauliflower and courgette salad. They also do great raw desserts like their vegan blueberry cheesecake or carrot cake.

13. Jaipur Palace Restaurant.

At Jaipur Palace, you’re guaranteed to love the Indian vegan food. One of their most popular dishes is masala dosa, a crispy pancake made from rice and lentils filled with potato and onion stuffing and served with lentil curry and chutney. Other favourites include paneer biryani and undhiyu.

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14. Fuel Cafe Bar.

Fuel Cafe Bar is a true community cafe that has been open for decades. Also an independent music venue, you can sit down, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere whilst eating a breakfast fajita, falafel, hummus and olive wrap, chilli burrito, or some sweet potato wedges, or a chocolate and hazelnut brownie as a snack.

#TBT to my birthday burrito 👌

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15. V Rev Vegan Diner.

And last, but by no means least, the V Rev diner in the Northern Quarter is definitely one of the best 100% vegan places in Manchester. Not only is the food to die for, but their menu is loaded with hilarious/cringy puns. You can get a “Pizza My Heart” burger with a beef patty, cheese, pepperoni, and marinara sauce, a “Guac To The Future” fried chicken burger with cheese, guacamole, Chipotle mayo and salsa, a “Rock Lobster” sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and herb mayo in a toasted pretzel bun, or a “Go Ahead, Mac My Day” hotdog with mac and cheese, bacon, and chives. Other puns include “Hell-vis Presley,” “Macaroni and Michele’s High School Reunion,” “Buffalo The Vampire Slayer,” and “Young Money Chillionaire.” Most people cannot even tell the difference between these vegan patties and a real meat burger. If you are ever in Manchester, you have to try V Rev!

My meal > yours 👅👅👅

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