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18 Instagrams That Prove The University of Manchester Has The Most Beautiful Campus

The University of Manchester might be in the middle of a city, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

1. Our university looks particularly great in the autumn.

2. And winter too, of course.

An old pic #snow

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3. In fact, it pretty much looks amazing all year round.

Even when rain clouds are gathering rapidly.

#UoM2016 #humanities #schoolofarts #manchester #light #shadow #mcruk

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4. Especially when the sun eventually comes out in summer.

University is always glorious in the 🌞

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5. Even our halls are fun and funky.

We can live in brick Toblerones, wbu?

6. The sunrise over campus will give you life.

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7. But you’ll be dying at how pretty the sunsets are.

Magical sunset ❤️ #mcr #sunset #uom2016

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8. Our main campus has some gorgeous, old architecture.

🌙 Dusk light on campus at Stephen Joseph Studio 🌙 @officialuom #uom2016

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9. But the modern buildings look more than decent too.

Those reflective surfaces 👌👌

10. And don’t even get me started on the John Rylands Library.

We like to call it Hogwarts 2.0 😍😍😍

11. Or North Campus.

Sackville omaydoonia #uom2017 #eeesoc #mcr

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12. Does your uni offer breathtaking views like this?

classroom viewz on a ~Wednesday~

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13. Walking around campus to take a break is always a good idea.

We even have mini parks in between buildings.

Bench marks. #garden #stopford #manchester #uom2016

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14. Uni offers some awesome photoshoot locations!

15. You’ll come across some wildlife.


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16. And you’ll never have to travel far if you want more alluring views.

The Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum are both within walking distance of main campus.

#nofilter #nature #manchester #whithworthartgallery #whitworthpark #spring #cold #sunshine

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17. Manchester clearly has the most beautiful campus.

Happy days when it's still light after a long day at uni 🌞 #manchester

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18. And that’s exactly why you’re never going to want to leave. ❤️

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