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18 Things You’ll Understand If You’re a Productive Procrastinator

You’ll probably put off reading this article and well and truly put the ‘pro’ in procrastination…

1. Sundays are usually your most productive day of the week.

Because you have to finally do the stuff you’ve been avoiding all week.


2. Energy drinks and coffee are your closest friends.

They were there for you before Freshers’ Week.


3. A common misconception is that you will always be late submitting anything/may not even complete the task.

This is untrue.


4. All you actually do is choose to put certain tasks ahead of others.

Because you just aren’t ready/can’t be bothered for some.

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5. For example, let’s say you have 2 essays, with one due in 5 days and one due in a month. You’ll complete the one due in a month first.


6. Or you could go online shopping for your uni summer ball in December.


7. You might even pick up the phone and call your grandma for the first time in the term.

“Hi, nana. Sorry, my phone broke and only got fixed today. Yes, I’m eating well. How’s the gardening going?”


8. You’re often asked: “How do you get away with it?”

Because I’m me and I always work like this. Duh.


9. Or told, “Wow, I could never do that.”

I guess I’m lucky enough to have been gifted with the procrastination gene.


10. And may even hear, “Don’t you get anxiety?”



11. Your friends always tell you how much they envy your procrastinating ability.

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12. And your parents are never happy that you’re leaving everything to the last minute.


13. But you’d much rather clean the disgusting flat kitchen than start an essay on time.

Yes, you’d even wash those mouldy dishes your MIA flatmate has left in the sink for weeks on end.


14. Or waste away your time going back and forth between the same apps on your phone.


15. But you know that you work the best under pressure.

Pressure motivates you more than anything else.


16. So even though you do sometimes have an emotional breakdown…

Cue the ugly crying.


17. And have to promise yourself in the mirror that you’ll “never do this ever again…”


18. You just know that you’re going to change absolutely nothing of this lifestyle.

Do your future self proud and keep on procrastinating productively!


Want to write an article like this?

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