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18 Tweets That Will Speak To You On An Emotional Level If You Have January Exams

Thanks to Twitter, you are never alone.

1. This important question you actually do know the answer to.

2. This very accurate depiction of how you feel when you attempt to start revising.

3. And this response you’ve wanted to give whenever someone tries and fails to make you feel better.

4. This deep regret we’ve all felt.

5. This scarily realistic portrayal of how close you are to actually just dropping out.

6. This illustration of how exams have made you feel on the inside.

7. This upsetting scenario.

8. This detailed depiction of how far you’re getting with revision.

9. This genuinely considered plan of action.

10. This inevitable crossroads.

11. This very depressing reality.

12. This simple wish you’d give anything to come true.

13. This extremely relatable reaction to anything you’re asked about exams.

14. This reasonable request.

15. This rare image of you reading the first question.

16. This worryingly relatable thought process.

17. This unfortunate conclusion.

18. And this painfully accurate depiction of how the whole thing has gone for you.

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