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21 Things You Just Won’t Understand If You’ve Never Been To Uni

How angry we get because we have to pay for printer credits on top of the yearly £9k. 😠

1. How annoying it can get to live in uni halls with flatmates you’ve never met before.

Why does my milk keep disappearing? Oh, that’s right – I live with snakes.


2. Or when hall cleaners refuse to clean the communal areas because they aren’t clean enough.


3. Starting your first day ready to learn and get a first but then feeling like a failure at the end of term.

We Heart It

We Heart It

4. The Freshers’ Fifteen is all too real.

Fifteen pounds? More like fifteen stone, amirite?


5. As is Freshers’ Flu.

It’s disgusting, and there’s no way to avoid it.


6. Having to hold in a cough during your lecture because you’ve already coughed 20 times.

7. Or being sat next to someone who won’t stop sniffing.


8. The pain of getting to uni late and having to walk into a lecture that’s already started.

That’s the real walk of shame.


9. If you’ve got a 9am, good luck and godspeed.

Granted, you go to work early too but lectures are even worse because it’s just reading from a PowerPoint and having to take in all this info whilst you’re half awake.


10. You’re expected to remember your entire GCSE and A level syllabus.


11. But then you’re told to forget that and learn new things because they lied to us back in our A level days.


12. How angry uni students get because they have to pay for printer credits.

What a stupid idea.


13. Eventually realising that nothing about uni life is like the brochures they hand out at open days.

Surprise, surprise.


14. You aren’t just balancing a social life, good grades, and sleep but much, much more!

15. Being constantly broke.


16. Meaning you can’t go out all the time and drink with your mates.


17. How long it feels between student loan handouts.

It’s only been 4 months but it feels like 4 years.


18. The woes of your dissertation.

Unless you want to be an author, why do you have to write between 10-12,000 words?!


19. And the abominable cost of having to print and bind it too.


20. Speaking of cost, you’ll never understand how ridiculously expensive graduation is.

It almost makes you want to graduate in absentia. Almost.


21. And finally, how much you’ll miss the so-called best years of your life when you have to leave.



Want to write an article like this?

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