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19 Things You Miss About The University of Reading Now You’ve Graduated

Life just isn’t the same without RUSU and snakebites.



1. The campus is absolutely stunning.

It’s too pretty.

2. Especially the lake.


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3. You even miss the angry waterfowl.

Advancing Canada goose #canadagoose #naturephotography #nature #readinguni #goose #walk #bird

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4. Monday nights out at Q.

5. Followed by Wednesdays at Union.

Finding cheerleaders out 🎀#cheerleader #nightout #piggyback #union #readinguni #drunkaf

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6. And going for “just a drink or two” at Park Bar.



7. Christmas time on campus was the best.

Uni + Christmas = Mulled Snakebite #readinguni #christmas #universityofreading

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8. Closely rivalled by events like this…

9. And how excited everyone would get for Varsity.

10. The fierce rivalry with Oxford Brookes.

11. All of the delicious food at Cafe Yolk.

The best place for hungover brunches with your housemates.

12. And Bagel Man’s incredible bagels at Cereal Works.

Last bagel for a year really hit the spot #bagelman #brandambassador #UoR

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13. The petting zoo RUSU holds every year to combat exam stress.

14. And clubbing legend Ian Hills gives you constant fomo.

15. Looking forward to the summer ball each year.

And always taking a survivors photo to prove you made it to 6am.

Say cheese!!! @rusuevents #readinguniversity

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16. Snakebites 🐍❤️

The lovely, lovely purple stuff just doesn’t feel like an acceptable beverage to enjoy in a post-uni world.

17. You miss fancy dress being a way of life.

We ♥️ where's wally

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18. And all those sports and society socials.

Even though they’re mostly a drunken blur.

Finally became a grandfather, the FraserCoyshColeArthurBoyd name lives on. #FatherandSons #RUMHC

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19. But most of all, you miss your uni friends.

Reading people are the best people 😭😭😭

Life at Reading was great, but your life as a graduate can be just as good.

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