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21 Reasons Why Freshers’ Fest 2016 at The University of Reading Was Incredible

It was two weeks of fun as a new bunch of freshers were released onto Reading town. Sit back, relive the memories, and see just why Freshers’ Fest 2016 was the best.

1. Every club was packed. 

There were freshers’ everywhere.

2. Seriously, seriously packed.

Two weeks and going on… #freshers #entourage #uniofreading

A photo posted by Mohammad Faizan (@faizan9109) on

3. And everyone was really excited for the beginning of uni. 

4. The fancy dress was fierce.

Super heroes vs. Villains #batwoman #devil #freshers #readinguni

A photo posted by Libby Woods (@woodslibby) on

5. And people put in so much effort. 

Those face paint skills tho.

Zoo 🐅 (Before a fresher carried me home)

A photo posted by Sophie Rowlands (@sophierowlandsxo) on

6. Things got seriously messy. 

Foam party was soooo good🍹💃🏼

A photo posted by Danielle (@danielle_board) on

7. And the UV party was wild. 

UV night was quality 🎉 #freshers #readinguni #uvpaint #paintparty

A photo posted by Daniel Howgego (@danhowgego) on

8. People weren’t always on their best behaviour. 

9. But made so many new friends. 


10. ❤️

Where's wally👫 #readinguni #freshers #bridges #barnes #BG.2

A photo posted by Alice Langley (@alicelangers) on

11. Halls pride was on point, with some going green for St Pats.  


A photo posted by ranjeev singh (@ranjeevkingsingh) on

12. Whilst others were Straight Outta Sherfield.

Straight Outta Sherfield #CrazyMotherfuckaNamedIceCube #freshers #survivedweek2 #straightouttacompton

A photo posted by Jack Taylor (@jacktaaaylor) on

13. Of course, there was a lot of dancing. 

80's Night @ Matchy B went off!!! #freshers #mylittlefreshers #jcr #readinguni

A photo posted by Amber Dare (@amber_dare) on

14. Even JCR leaders and freshers’ angels were partying hard.

15. We got to experience a brand new venue.

As Public opened its doors for all the freshers.

Super fresh freshers 😴

A photo posted by Serena Winckle (@serenawinckle) on

16. And lots of post-club takeaways.

17. The fortnight made us all realise just how great uni life is.

radgies X

A photo posted by Amy (@amydunkerz) on

18. Everyone was buzzing to be independent and parent-free.

We ♥️ where's wally

A photo posted by Melissa (@melissailic_) on

19. Which for many meant being a bit drunk.

Apparently when I'm drunk my eyes fail to function properly

A photo posted by sophhh (@lolsophhh) on

20. And generally just having an amazing time.

Representin' Roundwood✌ #proudrps

A photo posted by Jess Carter (@je_sscarter) on

21. So, if it wasn’t for the hangover and freshers’ flu combo, you’d do it all again right now.  

Best two weeks ever. Bring on next year 🎉🎉

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