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12 Motivational Quotes To Get You Through Your Final Year at University

Your final year of university can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster at times. Here are some motivational quotes for when things get tough.

1. For when you’ve been writing for hours but your dissertation word count doesn’t seem to be changing.

2. Or for when you just can’t understand how you’ll ever meet your deadlines.

3. For whenever you feel guilty for going out when you have so much work to do.

4. For when your friends are already landing grad jobs and you haven’t even started applying yet.

5. For when you get a bad mark on something and it feels like a bad omen for your entire degree.

6. For the days when you start to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into.

7. For when you look back and wish you’d started working harder a bit sooner.

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8. And it feels like you’ve left it too late to do well.

9. For those days when revision’s just not going in.

10. And thinking about the future is too much to deal with.

11. For whenever you feel yourself starting to lose self-belief.

12. And for when you’re not sure you’ll ever actually make it to graduation.

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