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8 Videos That Will Motivate You To Keep Going With Your Uni Work

It’s not hard to find yourself lacking in motivation throughout your time at university. Thankfully though, here are 8 videos that might just help motivate you to keep going.

1. For those times when you love what you’re doing but need that extra boost to settle those doubts.

2. Or for when you need to be reminded why you should switch Netflix off and tackle your reading list.

3. For when you’re suffering from fear of the future and need a pick me up.

4. Or for when fear of failure is stopping you from achieving your goals.

5. For those times when you feel like your degree has exhausted your interest in something.

6. Or for when you’re lacking a bit of direction.

7. For when you’ve forgotten why you thought taking on such a huge workload would be a good idea.

8. And finally, for when you simply need inspiring to keep chasing your dreams. 

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