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16 Things You Learn To Love About Studying In Swansea

There’s a lot to love about studying in Swansea.

1. It’s cheap, yet it has so much to offer.

Rent is relatively affordable for a city and a great night out is completely achievable with £10.



2. Nights out at Sin City.

that @thewonderyearsband hype

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3. Or Tooters.



4. And of course, Jack Murphy’s. 

£1 Jaeger Bombs? Yes please.

freshers // faith

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5. Being able to see Swansea Bay from your lecture hall.

Where you’ll witness what actual physical activity looks like, though it might make you feel incredibly guilty about that whole packet of Tesco Value biscuits you just ate. 😅

View from the uni room

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6. Or venturing over to Rhossili and Caswell Bay.

Even if you usually only go there when you’ve been incredibly misled by a glimpse of sunshine that will turn into a monsoon as soon as you try to sunbathe.

Rhossili Bay #beautiful #beach #view #scenic #landscape #wales #roadtrip

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7. Three words: Joe’s Ice Cream. 

Top ice cream in Swansea. Lucky to find it~ yummy! #icecreamwithnutandchocolate

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8. Pretending to be civilised at Swansea Marina.

When really you’re only there thanks to your overdraft…

Swansea spam continues #Swansea #marina #swanseamarina #sunset #meridiantower #water #reflection #marina #night

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9. Everything about the way Welsh people speak.

The accent and the dialect are lush. Just don’t attempt to pronounce ‘Llanelli’ in front of them.



10. The legendary Uplands Diner.

It’s what dreams are made of. And it’s also where you replace your hangover with high cholesterol and diabetes.

So this happened earlier🙋🏻

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11. And the atmosphere whenever Wales are playing rugby.



12. Actually becoming quite fond of Brynmill.

Even if you’ll always avoid Wind Street at all costs.

Bye Sunflower House 🌻✌😓#movingout #swansea

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13. Nailing the Uplands Tavern Pub Quiz.

Saturday night drink #housemates #uplands #uplandstavern #swansea

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14. The winter wonderland.

⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ winter is coming #winterland

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15. How beautiful Swansea actually is.

My walk to campus is piff.

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16. And knowing you made the right choice to study here. 

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