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13 Places Every Nottingham Student Needs To Eat At In 2017

If you’re a student in Nottingham and you haven’t been to these places yet, what are you waiting for?

1. Mooch

If you’re a University of Nottingham student, you’re probably already familiar with the SU’s pub, Mooch. But have you tried the food yet? You can’t go wrong with their tasty array of meaty, veggie and vegan burgers. There’s also an exciting new addition to their menu in the form of ‘freakshakes’ that are every milkshake lovers dream. It’s just a 10 minute walk away for those of you on campus, so why not mooch on over?

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2. Kitty Cafe

No, you’ve not died and gone to heaven. This place actually exists and it’s exactly what it sounds like it is; a cafe where you can not only eat great food, but can spend the whole time in the best possible company. Cats. For £5 entry you can sit in the cafe where cats and kittens run free while you enjoy a cuppa and a panini. Don’t worry about them stealing your tuna baguette – the cafe comes with cat proof umbrellas that you can place over your food!

I see you, Gary 🐱

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3. Rub Smokehouse

Insane portions of insanely tasty food and all at reasonable prices. What more could you want? If you haven’t ventured here yet, now’s the time. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to the BBQ Smokehouses of America and will probably leave feeling as though you’ll never need to eat again. There’s also an impressive selection of gluten free options which, if you’re gluten free, you’ll know can be hard to come by!

Saturday night feast at #rubsmokehousenottingham with @stevie_bb #rubyourselfie #hungdrawnandquartered

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4. Annie’s Burger Shack

As its name suggests, Annie’s only serves burgers – but do not fret! This is a burger shack with a twist. No burger is solely for the carnivores among us; just ask for your patty to be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free… You name it and voilà! Burgers for everyone in your friendship group. 🙌

5. Red Dog Saloon

This place only opened within the last few months, but it’s fast becoming a firm favourite among Nottingham’s student population. With the aim to get your order out within 9 minutes, it’s the perfect place to go if you get hangry easily. From enormous pancakes to even bigger sharing platters, there’s something for everyone. Go as a group to split the cost. You won’t regret it.

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6. The Nottingham Donut Company

If you’ve managed to resist this place so far… congrats? The Nottingham Donut Company is home to the most wonderful and imaginative donuts you could think of and you cannot let 2017 go by without trying at least one (good luck with that!). With flavours such as red velvet, cream egg, and Freddo, you’ll be wanting one of everything. Treat yourself.

7. Cookie Shake Cafe

To wash those donuts down, why not take a trip to Cookie Shake cafe? This cute little cafe is not only host to every flavour of milkshake you could imagine, it also has a multitude of board games and video games for you to play while you’re there. Most importantly of all, it’s pretty cheap and cheerful, too! 👌

There are no words… 😍😍😍 #cookieshakenottingham

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8. May Sum Buffet

Forget ordering in and venture out into the real world for a change. The May Sum is an all you can eat restaurant that you simply cannot walk past without staring longingly inside. There’s an overwhelming selection of food on offer meaning you’re guaranteed to find at least one thing that takes your fancy. This is the perfect place for a house meal that doesn’t happen in front of the TV.


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9. Wildwood

Sure, Domino’s is great and everything, but at Wildwood you can see the stone baked pizza oven cooking your chosen pizza while you wait with a glass of bubbly. If you’re sick of pizza, they do amazing pasta dishes, too. They also offer 50% student discount Sunday to Thursday, so really you have no excuse not to go.

Wildwood with @meganooolivia 😋 #pizza #cocktails

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10. Slug & Lettuce

It would’ve been rude to leave this absolute classic off the list. Sure, there’s one everywhere, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. The Slug and Lettuce is the ultimate comfy dining experience, no matter the time of day or night. Whether you go for a hearty meal or a cheeky sharing platter, you can’t go wrong.

"Feast for friends" I ate it alone…

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11. 4550 Miles From Delhi

Arguably the best, most informatively named Indian in Nottingham, 4550 Miles From Delhi is a must for every student curry-lover. It’s a classy but cosy place and can be a little on the pricey side, but it’s well worth a visit for when your parents are visiting or when you need to treat yourself!

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12. Turtle Bay

You probably think of Turtle Bay first and foremost as a place to go for drinks thanks to their impressive menu of rum cocktails. However, they’re building a strong reputation for their food, too. If you’re a lover of Caribbean cuisine, you’ll love it here, especially if big portions are your thing! It’s a great place to go for a bit of atmosphere if you’re somewhere between wanting to go out but not out out.

13. Las Iguanas

Finally, the ultimate place to go for South American tapas. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. There’s a mouthwatering menu and 2 for 1 cocktails all day every day. 🙌  It might just become your new favourite place to eat at.


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