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20 Things You’ll Really Miss About Studying at Queen Mary University of London

Let’s be true to ourselves here, going to university’s not just about getting a degree. Queen Mary has a lot to offer and you’ll miss a lot of things about it when you leave.

1. Being located in Mile End.

It might not be the prettiest, but it’s never uninteresting.

Little treasures in East London

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2. And always having the option to easily travel to wherever you want to go.

3. The stunning architecture on campus.

Mile End’s answer to Versailles.

4. And the canal running by it.

QM 100% has the best campus in London ☺️☺️☺️ @officialQMUL

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5. Even the halls are noteworthy.

6. Benefiting from views like this.

7. And sitting exams in no ordinary exam hall.

Exam vibez😰😭 #nightmare #qmul

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8. Walking past the Novo Cemetery on your way to lectures.

Once you get over how weird it is to have a cemetery on campus, you really start to admire it being there.

9. And making friends with these guys.

You might be in East London, but that’s no reason to be out of touch with nature.

What a cute family of geese #qmul #regentscanal

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10. Treating yourself to a Sweet Mile End.


Alto shake #milkshake #food

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11. Or getting a cheeky Nando’s.

It’s only two minutes away, it would be rude not to.

#lights #nandos #london #instasize

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12. Paying your respects to Byron when you’re in the Octagon.

13. And absolutely loving that one of your libraries is in a converted church.

14. While another is super modern.

I've never seen the #QMUL library so quiet. #London #university #finished #student

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15. Taking revision breaks on campus.

#summer #uni #escapeexamstress

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16. Or in one of London’s nearby famous parks.

Happy Thursday! Another beautiful & sunny day in nearby Victoria Park! ☀️#QMUL #futureQMUL

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17. Knowing you never need to travel far for inspiration.

18. Or for a great night out.

Fri-yay 🍍🍹⛱happy #weekend #friday #friyay #weekendinlondon #london #londoner #shoreditch

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19. Thanks for having us, QMUL.👏

My day~ #Graduation #qmul #master #gown #london #china #chengdu #uk #excited #queenbuilding

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20. You’ve been the best ever.

👋 😭

Because I can and because I love to show off #goodbye #qmul #handstand #suitedup #bestweekever

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