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19 Things Only Canadian Students In The UK Will Understand

Spending an extended period of time in the UK is an eye-opening experience for a Canadian. 

1. People automatically assume you’re American.

And no, they are not the same thing.

2. And ask if you speak French.

3. When people ask you what you do in the summer, then start laughing when you talk about going cottaging.

4. Charging your phone for two hours before realising you forgot to turn the plug on.

5. Having to deal with one tap for cold water and another for hot water.

Seriously, why is that still a thing?


6. Being the only person who doesn’t understand what exactly makes a Nando’s so cheeky.

7. The blank stares you get when you go into Costa Coffee and order a Double Double.

8. Trying to explain why chips, cheese and gravy is not actually the same as poutine.

9. And attempting to convince people that it does actually get hot in Canada.

10. Nearly getting hit by a car every time you cross the road because you can never remember which side of the road cars drive on.

11. The pain of realising a degree in the UK is only three years and first year grades don’t even count.

12. Going on a night out that lasts until 8am. On a Tuesday.

13. Having to constantly explain why your jokes are funny when you know they would have been hilarious in Canada.

14. Having chicken for Thanksgiving because shops just don’t sell turkeys in October.

15. Weird chip flavours. Seriously, prawn cocktail? What even is that?

16. Being asked if Canadians actually say “aboot” instead of “about”.


17. Questioning everything you thought you knew about England when you watch your first episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

18. Never having to do math when you go shopping because tax is already included.

19. Wearing cowboy boots and a plaid shirt on a night out and having to explain that no, you’re not actually going to a fancy dress party.



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