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21 Things Everyone Who Studies Spanish at University Will Understand

Other people assume that Spanish students live a life of nothing more than sun, sea and sangria. And yes, sometimes that’s true – but it’s also so much more than that.

1. This woman will forever be queen.

2. And there’s a small chance you started learning Spanish to work out what she was actually saying in ‘Hips Don’t Lie’.

3. Or, it may have been because you wanted to seduce this beautiful man.

4. Or THIS beautiful man.

5. You’ve probably used the fact that you speak Spanish to pull.

Especially if you read some Neruda.

6. When people tell you Spanish grammar is easy, they’ve obviously never had to deal with the imperfect subjunctive.

7. Or the ridiculous amount of prepositions.

Which ones go with which verb!? WHICH ONES GO WITH WHICH VERB!?!?

8. And rolling your rrrs is a skill that not everyone can master without feeling incredibly British.

9. But when you do it for the first time, you’ll feel like Superman.

10. Let’s not even start on the variety of accents you’ll be exposed to.

Is that even Spanish? Why are you saying these things to me?



11. One word can mean approximately 10,000 different things.

Who knew ‘leche’ could signify so much?!

12. If you go to Spain on your year abroad, you’ll be shocked at how many swear words you hear.

13. But chances are you’ll be close to an incredible beach and enjoy really good weather.

Unless you live in the North, of course.

14. And if you’re in Latin America, you’ll drop the lisp you’ve always been told is ‘correct’ Spanish.

You’ll also learn all sorts of crazy vocab which will make no sense anywhere else.

15. Your dance game will most likely be on point.

From salsa to flamenco to bachata, there’s so much to learn.

16. And you’ll have developed a love, or at the very least a tolerance, for reggaeton music.

Learning how to rap in Spanish is basically revision anyway, right?

17. Not to mention the brilliant, but incredibly strange universe of Spanish cinema.

18. You’ll probably also have a favourite football team you root for ABOVE ALL ELSE.

Hasta la muerte.

19. One thing’s for sure – English hot chocolate will never taste the same.

20. Tapas will forever remain one of the most delicious things in this world.

As will paella, tortillas, aioli… SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD,

21. And you know that you’ll always, always love the language.

There’s an incredible amount of food, culture, literature and music in the Spanish universe – and with something new always ready to be discovered, that love will never fade.

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