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Here’s Why Final Year of University Could Actually Be Your Best Year Yet

Yes, final year has a bad reputation. Dissertation, exam hell, and generally awful amounts of pressure are the monsters looming at the end of the hedonistic tunnel that was first and second year. But what if final year could actually be the best year of your university career?

1. You know where everything is, where to go, which lecturers are great and which are not so great. 


2. You skip the surreal mix of small talk and alcohol that is Freshers’ Week.

Fun as it was, that first afternoon will never be beaten for sheer, toe-clenching awkwardness.


3. You know exactly how much work to do to get by.

And exactly how late to leave your work and still get a 2:1.


4. Sure, you might have to spend a lot of time in the library.

But that’s what library bfs and gfs were made for.


5. Finalists get the best houses.

No scrambling around for housemates, and no houses with damp ceilings or slugs.


6. To freshers, you are wise. You know all.


7. Because you know the end is near, you’ll make the most of your favourite places.


8. Although it’s definitely more difficult, your course is probably more interesting.


9. You’ve probably worked out what you love and are doing just that.

Rather than joining ten thousand different societies and not going to any of them while the emails all clog up your inbox.


10. And you have that magical period to look forward to after exams but before graduation where, even though you’re technically unemployed, your parents are still proud of you.


Doesn’t look so bad after all, does it?

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