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Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn Will Be at The University of York Later For Question Time

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May are set to debate on the BBC’s Question Time special at the University of York later.

The debate will take place at the Ron Cooke Hub at Heslington East tonight. This will be the third successive time that the Hub has hosted the programme when it has been broadcast from York.

Backstage access.

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With student voter registration rising since it was revealed that Labour intends to cut tuition fees if they get back into power, voters in the 18-24 demographic appear to be more engaged in politics than ever and want to make their voices heard.

It is unclear exactly how this influx of voters will affect the upcoming election, but in recent times Labour has performed more favourably in larger cities and university towns, and this rings true in York Central.

With 58% of York residents voting to stay in the European Union in June of last year, a tactical vote swap scheme has been established in the constituencies of York Central and York Outer which is designed to endorse pro-EU candidates, such as Labour MP Rachael Maskell and Liberal Democrat MP James Blanchard.

Students who live on campus in Heslington will be voting in the York Outer constituency, a seat which is currently held by Conservative MP Julian Sturdy.

Given that Labour’s campaign has targeted the 18-24 demographic there is every chance that student voters in the area could be influential in whether or not that seat changes hands next Thursday.

You can tune in to watch the debate tonight at 8.30pm on BBC 1.

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